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Monday, May 11, 2015

Where to visit When in Pampanga

May 10, 2015

Sorry this blog is 2 days  late,  last Saturday,  after our late breakfast at  Finio Cafe,
T. Morato, @135.00 All in. Im with 3 my barkadas, decided to cancel our history trip
to Bataan because there may be an impending storm coming(dodong-the first storm of
summer), so we decided to just hang aroud Clark Pampanga and tried wakeboarding at

Deca Wake Park, located in Margot Angeles. due to its similarity to surfing,
wakeboarding is now an emerging sport in the Philippines, by going here, this park
offers the action-packed leisure sport that is open for both beginners and
professional riders. The park has two facilities, the “Little Bro” (starts at 1 - 30kph
at 3 ft only) and the “Big Bro” (30 kph at 7 ft water level)

my friend Ram tried it, its his first time here, and its a bit hard at first, but after
three tries, he was able to master the balance needed and was able to enjoy the
ride. look! able to enjoy the ride.

we had our stop over here at WUDUS Hotel and Casino and had some chit chat
and late afternoon lunch at Prism Lounge. after that we proceeded to Nayong Pilipino.

Prism provides unique and stylish touch that creates the most exclusive atmosphere
in Clark. It has a sophisticated bar scene and has a strong cocktail concept, all of
this will start at 6pm and ends til 2am, we arrived  at 3pm. so we did not experience

we decided to take a side trip to Nayong Pilipino Clark, yes, Heritage & Culture tour!

Nayong Pilipino, built from scratch in 1969 through the patronage of former
First Lady Imelda Marcos, is on its fourth product cycle in almost 50 years.
After 32 years of operation, in 2001, Asia’s first theme park was forced to close
its doors and was removed from its original site near the Ninoy Aquino
International Airport I.

In 2006 President Gloria M Arroyo gave Nayong Pilipino a new home in Clark
as a major attraction of the Centennial Expo.(2007)

We all know that Nayong Pilipino is in Pasay  near Airport where most of you took
field trips during your 80s elementary days, In March 2012, the Aquino administration
breathed new life into Nayong Pilipino with a new Memorandum of Agreement
between Clark Development Corporation and the Nayong Pilipino Foundation.  and 
after 30 months  the park was operational. Entrance fee is 150  pesos for adults and
100 for children, The park is open daily from 8am to 6pm. we arrived there at 530pm.

before I start, all of the images you will see are not the original but a replica.

The main exhibits of Nayong Pilipino Clark Expo situated in its six hectare sprawl are
the Replicas of Kalinga, Ifugao, Aeta and Maranao Villages Bigger than life-size

of Philippine legends Malakas at Maganda, Maria Sinukuan and  Lakan Manaul
Replicas of  the houses of Dr Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini and Gen Emilio Aguinaldo,
and the Barasoain Church.

There are Aeta Village, Ifugao Hut, kalinga Village, Nipa hut lodges and cottages that
can be rented for a picnic spree.

We really enjoyed our visit and it was a fun side trip because we've got the chance to
enhance our remembrance of the rich historical traditions & cultures of our motherland.

The Aeta Village showcases houses of Aetas during the pre-colonial era. They also sell
items made with bamboo.

In this section of Ifugao Village, you will find Ifugao houses and a part of the world-
famous Banaue Rice Terraces.

if you have time this is the place to drop by and enjoy with the family for a 3 hours history 
lesson. better than any supermall can offer.

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. till next time.

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