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Thursday, May 14, 2015

the hidden Malabon Heritage

Known for its Rainy season floods, It’s almost a miracle how its beuatiful old houses
has survive through the years. The well preserved old houses by the descendants proves
that most of my kababayans in Malabon still value heritage above all.

Malabon is an old town and it is very evident in many things. For one, it was a part
of the Old Tondo province and have been in existence even in the early years of
Spanish Occupation when it as still called "Tambobong".

the town is already existent as early as 1614 , this afternoon I had a walking-
pedicab-feroza tour of Malabon.
its just a 30 min walk of the city around 430pm. so I dont have much pictures.

There is more to Malabon City than the tasty pansit and the floods. even some
residents may still be unaware of the city’s “hidden gems” like well-preserved houses,
centuries-old churches, art galleries, a zoo, cottage industries and food shops offering
Malabonian delicacies.

Aside from frequent flooding, salty air condition have adverse affects on the houses.
I saw houses that are already neglected. asked the locals and they told me
they are private homes, restoration and repairs are left to owners.

here are some more examples of classic Hispano Filipino architecture.

 its funny Some of my friends even go as far as Vigan to see heritage houses.
Why go there when Malabon have lots of them just a few Kilometers from Monumento
particularly at the end of Gov pascual at  C. Arellano and Gen. A. Luna streets ?

 Malabon is more of its history, and its food. not its flood.  this is only a partial 30 min
tour, Ill be trying over the Malabon Tricycle tours soon.

before I go, my suggestion is to develop more museums in one of those neglected and
abandoned heritage houses, where people can learn about the history of the city, also,
convince schools to include Malabon  as part of their itinerary for student field trips.

but  for now I want to show you the Malabon before the big rainy season.
and I know the floods can’t stop Malabon from polishing tourism gems like these
hidden old houses..

this your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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