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Sunday, May 3, 2015


The Boxing battle between the two rivals is over, and so the public has spoken.
The fight’s expensive marketing promotion is highly interesting and so is the rant.
The netizen’s reaction ranges from rage, to shock to dismay, to  ridicule.

The long-awaited bout between two of the world's best fighters finally ended. with a not
so happy ending. a lot of people suffered , a few of my friends and lot of my aquaintances
suffered huge looses from betting. am lucky am not one of them!

The richest fight in boxing history , and I call it, Mafia of the century, It's not real boxing
and i call it mafia of the history of modern boxing, Mei gayW didn’t do anything but
“move around” over the 2 rounds the decision of the judges is final so we have to accept
that decision. 118-110, 116-112, and 116-112 for Mei GayW, , Manny is truly the
People's Champ. He fought for respect, not points. He won the hearts of the world.
As for me? Im not happy, I look at the bright side... it could be worse, am glad I didn't
play that big big trending betting game of our time.
as early as May 1 I feel that Mayweather will win mainly because......

most people  equate boxing to brawling. That's why they end up frustrated with their
expectation. Manny is the bull, M.W. the matador. and he lost it.
photocredits to the owner

do we see a September rematch?


ill end this blog with a poem I saw on the net.

M-anny ang kanyang pangalan
A-laxan ang kanyang agahan
N-gayon ay ating nasaksihan
N-egrong kalbo kanyang kalaban
Y-ung boxing ginawang Funrun
P-analo ka parin para sa ating bayan
A-anhin ang tagumpay kung mula sa
Q-uembot ng quembot gusto pa ng yakapan
U-nang pagkatalo di niya papayagan
I-dinaan tuloy sa paitiman
A-tin pa rin ang karangalan
O-key lang yan Mr.Pacman

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

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