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Monday, May 18, 2015

Palace Museum, a tour of Malacanan

When I received the email in the middle of work and it so happens that it falls on a
Monday, I know it was an opportunity that’s hard to pass up. It’s not everyday you can 
get inside the palace walls. Or take photos even. so I grabbed it. so today
May 18, 2015, at 11am. I went as scheduled for the first time with just WAZE to 
guide me.
located at the Old executive building

Whenever I hear the word Malacañan(g), I thought of the seat of power, the
rarely visited, most guarded structure in Manila and it became one of my goals in life,
to enter the premises at least of Malacañan(g) Palace. walk on one of its halls, and
admire the  1930s Tampingco narra carved furnishings, the look and feel of the executive
environment inside.

well thanks to the international museum month, an invitation was sent and a tour of its
premises was arranged.

Its an hour tour inside the Kalayaan Hall of the Malacañang Palace Complex. a tour
that needs a 1 week ahead request email and confirmation to be addressed to the
Malacañan Palace Museum. I met my friend I met a friend that works at the dept. of
budget and management Ms. Florence Littaua who grant me an opportunity to drive
inside gate 2.

Before we entered the museum, we passed by 3 security inspection. One camera is 
allowed per tour group. 

inside the Kalayaan Hall we were briefed by Louie and I learned that:

Malacañang Palace is located at 1000 Jose P. Laurel Street (formerly Calle de 
Malacañan) in San Miguel District of Manila. It got its name from a Tagalog phrase, 
"may lakan diyan" which mean "there's powerful man /nature spirit residing there".

The Governors-General of the Spanish Colonial Government in the Philippines acquired 
this summer residence from Colonel Jose Miguel Formente who purchased the palace 
for Php. 1k from a Spanish Aristocrat named Don Luis Rocha. and sold for 5k later on. 
It then became the official residence of the Spanish Govenors-General when the 
Palacio del Gobernador inside the walled city of Intramuros was destroyed by an 
earthquake in 1863. then afterwards, all the Spanish and American governors-general 
lived and walked on the halls of this palace. All the Philippine Presidents also lived inside.
except a selected few.  (Aguinaldo, Cory, FVR and PNoy) 

Each room has a display of every period in Philippine History, from the Spanish 
Colonial Era, American and Commonwealth Era to the Era of the Second and Third 

Republics. Of all the rooms, you would notice the Roxas Cabinet Room, it is where 
Marcos made his historic declaration of proclaiming the entire Philippines under
Martial Law in 1972.

The “common citizen” were given access to Malacañang Palace and its grounds
after the Edsa Revolution.

This is one of the few museums in the country that allows you to take photos, even
inside  the museum itself. Visitors go through a security check and all camera phones
are  inspected.

if you want a 3D view of the Presidential  Museum and Library here is one done
by my friend Fung Yu.

here are some more pictures of the Museum

The Malacañang Museum is located in a handsome building which was built in the
1920’s ,the American colonial period. and called (old) Executive Building Maharlica
Hall during Marcos, and during Cory's precidency, the Kalayaan Hall.
the guide also discussed the architectural details of the palace from the chandelier to
the furnitures, fixtures and tanpinco wood carvings.

It was a truly splendid afternoon and very worth while.  by the way if you are wondering
am not a tour guide, I'm just fond of history travels and today, I was also a visitor and
I got there with prior arrangements.

This is the contact details if you would like to visit. It would be best to check with
them and make the schedule with them too.
Tel:  784-4286 loc 4945, call any day between May 13 to 15, 2015
(Wednesday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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