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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sosro fruit tea

Have you heard and tasted fruit juice? yeah I know you have even in your early childhood
during recess, and after play, but have you heard about the term fruit tea?  Maybe not.
Fruit tea is a liquid mixture with mixed essence of various fruits. it enlightens your mind
and give strength to your senses.
Last week, at the recently concluded  event  called Blogapalooza 2015 last Sunday,
Oct.25, I visited a booth and was treated to two bottles of SOSRO Fruit tea. and I have
tried it out while stuck in traffic, after a good jog, after wushu practice indeed a great way
to be refreshed and its available near our place(SM HYPERMART).

Sosro Fruit Tea is refreshing, some fruit teas have a big storehouse of vitamins and minerals.
It comes with 4 deliciously thirst-quenching flavors: Strawberry, Apple,
Guava, and Freeze.

Fruit tea is famous for children and those who crave for the refreshing mixed flavors
of fruits,its healthy because it helps in boosting immunity. its  taken as a substitute
 for fruit juice during summers and is enough to shine your senses. helps in weight
loss, refreshing, fights  dehydration and some contains a large number of antioxidants.
It has a mesmerizing aroma and with different flavors that take you to a whole new
enriching experience for life. it also help in controlling blood sugar and prevention
of cancer, since it has medicinal properties.

now it will be available for consumers in a refereshing brand called SOSRO.

currently the number one manufacturer of tea drink in Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea’s
flavors are now chilling at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Sta. Lucia Grocery,
Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading
supermarkets. now, you can decide, what Sosro Fruit Tea flavor are you having today?

Now its time to Enroute yourself to a whole new experience with a refreshing  mishmash of
rejuvenating flavors of fruits. only from  SOSRO FRIUT TEA

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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