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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Petshow @the circle

John Paraiso, Lawrence Chan, Philip Reyes, Pie  
This Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending a small petshow with my friends
Renz, Philip, John and Pie.

The mini (yes, tiny minie pet show) organized by the orchid society at the Q. Cicrle
Im not feeling well because of a developing coughcolds symptoms. and some problems back at my shop.

I had top cut the petshow and leave early, missing the seminar about cultivating insects for money.

The petshow is part of the more than week long orchid and pet show sponsored by the Phil. orchid society

Unlike the past petshows, this one is  way past the "small" caterogy , happens a few times a year
throughout the QC  cirlce east wing area.(located besides the orchid show).

 The show was created to allow pet lovers throughout the region to showcase their mission – and of course,
the pets they have up for sell (those not part of the exhibit), except the tortoises and the 1 yr old + grouchy cockatoo.

I met so many wonderful people around lunchtime  here are photos of just a few of the
awesome nonprofits and adorable pets that I met!


made friends with these bared polish chicken, and yes, I did want to take them home with me!

the Bared polish chicken

a reptile

bared polish chicken

puchin pigeon

how adorable is this red golden pheasant?

red Golden Pheasant

Silver Pheasant

this show is also open for petlovers who like to tour their pet dogs around
this pekingese named Bei-Ling  is owned by my friend John Paraiso

grouchy cockatoo

cool lookin chickens forgot what they are called

reptile friends owned by chinese collectors

yes, they are nice, you can actually feed em and they wont bite

these are food

Special thank you to everyone that allowed me to stop by, chat and take pictures before the F$#@kin selfie bill gets approved after 3rd reading
I had a great time meeting all of you and hearing about your projects, and exhibits.  till next pet show this has been your loverboy DENNIS Signing out

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