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Saturday, September 20, 2014

submerged car: what to do

If you are in traffic and you observed that floodwater is rising and predict it to be another
epic flood then turn off the engine, lock the car and leave! your life is more valuable than
your souped up car. and please, even if you have river crossing experience, Do not try or
attempt to wade into the floods.its not safe, its costly afterwards because water will enter
and will be mixed with your differential oil.

if you're at home, and its possible to move your car, Park your car on high ground or
to places where raging floods are not likely to cross. Even if you don't know what will
happen when a storm like ondoy or #mario hits, this is your best bet.

picture from seeknomore blog

Go to a safe area while keeping an eye out for your car. Its foolish to stay
inside a car while flood waters are raging, as this will also require you to
struggle out of a car and be a social media statistic or climb on top of
your vehicle. and be a traditional media statistic.
again ! Its never safe to stay on top of a car.its much safer  to film wildlife
in the savana aboad ur landrover or cruiser. but not in Manila floodwaters

If you're at home and you're witnessing whats unfolding,  dont just stand there,
disconnect your battery, remove the ECU, MAF sensor, and cover with plastic,
drain engine oil and ATF if you have time. for carb type cover the mouth of the
airfilter going to the carb and remove the battery so that relays and computerbox
are safe.

Use ur camera phone in a sheltered area high up document pictures and videos of
what is happening to your car amid the floods.

This is for insurance purposes (acts of God) to shows that your car was damaged in
a flood.

After your car has been submerged in flood waters or damaged in a storm,
wait for the water to subside.

Have your car checked for engine breakdowns or block damage, which means you
have to replace the engine.

Flood damage or water damage will affect a vehicle's value substantially. It will
naturally depreciate in value, depending on the extent of the damage. normally a
discount of 70% off the purchase market price of your flooded car
A good option is to trade-in your flood-damaged car with a car exchange dealer.(like me)

Car manufacturers like Honda Nissan and some auto-exchange establishments have
these trade-in program. they will then re-sell the flood-damaged car as a pre-owned
vehicle next yr.

this is SM CITY MARIKINA a picture I got from a newsfeed of UNTV, basement
parking already submerged. I wish there are no trapped owners of cars like what
happened in CENTERPOINT ondoy2009 and theres a newsblackout.

Please prepare for the next storm, its bet month, Manila always meet 4-5 epic storms before the christmas season. whether carowners like it or not.

and I remember an ad during my childhood days that "ang basurang kinalat niyo ay
 babalik sa iyo!" and thats natures' hard lesson.

til then, this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out. see you tomorow at PIMS 2014

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