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Sunday, September 28, 2014

sikat pinoy fair

During the 2 day toycon, Ive learned from my friend Lawrence about a free art gallery tour. and I went there to check it out. am making this short bec this is more of a videoblog (raw) unedited, so for those art lover friends who did'nt get to see this.  by the way, this is their fb page

this is what you will see, before you enter the premises. its FREE

and to your left. before you enter, you will see the directory of exhibitors

to my friends who didnt get to see the 3 day exhibit, this video is for you.
so far the Marinduque moriones mask booth is my favorite.
the video below shows Moriones mask maker Anthony Jandusay,  and I was told that
no two masks are alike and go through the tedious process of sculpting them till
they fit its lucky wearer, they will be used during lenten season, they say
that small key chains can be crafted into small Moriones masks since young people
are taught how to do it at an early age, sales of these small keychain mask will
help pay for the kids education

 video 1

video 2

video 3

hope you enjoyed my videos. this is loverboy DENNIS signing out

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