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Friday, September 5, 2014

one-two three (1-2-3) truck lane policy

oh whats happening to our roads! poor cars! now with big trucks to bully em around! TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE!!! seen people walking its like the zombie apocalypse scene!
the traditional way is to let the trains do the work of transporting cargoes.instead of trucks!

this video is from the camera of my friend Michael Lee of Metrodrive showing the 3 lanes of trucks plying the C3 road from Banawe.


Early morning traffic on NLEX forces commuters to walk toward the Balintawak area in Quezon City on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. In a post on its Twitter account, NLEX administration said the tail end of the traffic, caused by the one-truck lane policy, has reached the Valenzuela Interchange southbound

(MMDA) has already asked Caloocan City officials not to alter routes to ease traffic, because the Traffic build up has already reached Valenzuela Interchange.

Because of the certain adjustments that were done [in Caloocan], some roads were suddenly closed, some truck routes were diverted.
the Caloocan City government's decision to close some roads and reroute trucks caused the monstrous traffic congestion on the southbound lane of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)

Traffic has been heavy since Friday morning at the NLEX southbound lane from Valenzuela City to Balintawak.

NLEX, C3, A. Bonifacio is p$#@c$#ked! A massive traffic jam is affecting (NLEX) on Friday, but no government unit has taken the blame for the huge stunt! able to produce a massive massive truck-only FREE parking lot which stretches for kilometers. the travel time from NLex to balintawak to Edsa?  3hrs 20mins. if you are good.

We know that mmda's 1 truck lane policy is only applicable along C-5. These are the trucks going to enter the gates of the Philippine Ports Authority, so the Port of Manila has some problems in so far as the processing of trucks entering the ports. The queue has reached that long(kilometers in length)
mindnao exit, photo by ANC

For the trucks, upon exiting NLEx, trucks go to an exedus cruize via A. Bonifacio Avenue to reach C-3 Road. C-3 Road is connected to (R-10), one of the primary roads leading to Manila's ports

birds' eye view  from NLEX  pic from gma

Due to the gridlock, many vehicles have been Car -Stuck on NLEx's southbound lane for hours.

This can be entered in the book of records as the biggest prking lot IN THE WORLD. by far.
this is your Loverboy DENNIS signing off, till next Drive.

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