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Sunday, September 7, 2014

a visit to a stampadik

The rise, and rise, of the online shopping industry has provided an integral factor to shoppers:

the range of options.

There are so many websites on the horizon selling the same products and services, ensuring a fair competition in terms of both services and price tags.

The same is true for those interested to buy Philippines stamps.

The presence of a considerable number of online stamp dealers makes it possible for the

discerning buyer and stamp connoisseur to look at several options before making the right decision.

The older the seller ensure reliability. It is quite easy to befool people in the online

shopping category because people are not getting to touch or check out the advertised products.

we are lucky to have met William (Pogi) Chua (( )) from the fb stamp

group for 2 months we (me and my friend Edwin ) have shifted from purchasing through Mylene of PHILPOST, to going to the ends of Kennedy St. to look for our friend and stamp dealer William.

He loved pets, his dogs, his comics, his cats, his love affair with stamps, that soon over time have become an income generaing machine selling to his peers and co workers.

he soon realized that this was an interesting pastime, being retired, and maybe could even be turned into a serious business.

Once you have established the stamp dealer you want to do business with, it is time to

look at another range of options. This time, it is about the different kinds of Pilipinas stamps

and early postcards belonging to the PH subcontinent. The options in this field ranges from

price tags, condition of the stamps and the different historical eras. newbie philatelist may

favor a particular period of history and be interested in paying a few extra pesos(es) to

acquire stamps and maxicards, postcards of that time(era). They may also choose to

hold out on buying a stamp for a later period and settle for something less expensive for

the time frame. (like getting into diecast toys, or carmod- setting up your own car).

look at those books.

Batman 75th Anniversary free Comic issue with free cardboard Batarang sandwiched in double glass frames. 

a hug comic fan

With this experience   I'll be able to give you and objective opinion about what to expect from
an Internet stamp dealer.

1. buy only what you need to collect:  stamps are imposible to complete. you may complete a series,
but you cannot buy the whole stamps issued by a country over a period of time.

2. concentrate on collecting high value stamps : rare stamps, if possible. rare stamps only, stamps with errors are always of high value anytime of the day.

3. stamps are investments, better than any bank account. and easy to carry too.

Hope this helps , this has been your loverboy DENNIS signing out.

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