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Thursday, September 11, 2014


The expanded truck ban implemented by  Manila last February, totally banning trucks from 9am to 5pm from all roads in the City, worsened the problem of congestion of container vans in the Ports. 

To help ease the backlog of an estimated 70,000 container vans stuck at the port area, the 'lasmayl' scheme was devised.
source: internet

Under the newest scheme, trucks are identified and spray-painted with the word 'lasmayl,' to indicate that the vehicle is exempted from the daytime truck ban.
source:the net

The system is supposed to slowly chip away at the cargo pile-up until September 21, after which the 'lasmayl' passes will no longer be needed.

badnews: it will further worsen the traffic condition in Manila's major roads. with  a 70k backlogs of cargo containe trucks in the portarea.
source:the net

goodluck motorist! be sure to use your kei cars and turn off your A/C to save on fuel 

this has been your loverboy DENNIS signing out
till the next LASMAYL challenge! 

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