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Saturday, May 6, 2017

a day at Prado farms

Have you ever seen a gate made-up of old LPG tanks? if not. you havent heared of
#PRADOFARMS, waze bought us there, and told us that its located in Brgy. Prado
Siongco, Lubao, barely an hour from Balintawak,

Today, Saturday is travel stress management day for me, another escape from the
busty city life, so this weekend, let my take you to another place to relax, to laze
around, to have time with the family. bonding with barkadas. today, is another

experience to share through some pictures and videos taken from our trip.and
I am happy to have experienced farm life again  heres my story.

have you heared of "art-junk" yes, this place has an excellent way to recreate art
using junk and old furnitures, old stuffs.your granny neglected they find ways
to recreate art.

the entrance part of Prado Farms had a lot of cute artifacts/souvenir items for
the home, which are for sale. I managed to buy some.

I was amazed because inside are collections of junks turned into colorful and
beautiful pieces of junk-art! nothing go to waste you will see that everything was
transformed into something  something... artistic and by the way, the property is

large so bicycles of different sizes and color are provided that can be used to
roam around, and take photos of everything.

oh, here is the area where we got a good rest. while waiting for the food

 we were asked to go to this room to have some rest while waiting for lunch
to be served.

this a wide stretch of land, about 5 hectares, and 1 hectare is dedicated to the
farm alone. this place is named as such, since it's located at Brgy. Prado Sionco.
you can observe that almost all the things you see  in pradofarm is photogenic.

look at the gates... it's made up of empty LPG tanks. why? because the owner's
former business is an LPG refilling station!
oh, this is what you see upon entering... a nice dining place.

the main building is  wood brown in color facing the road, and at the back
you will  find the  house colored pink and another blue house a the side. another

interesting house is the old yellow house and an old train station  converted to
restaurant, said to be bought and hauled the entire house from pangasinan to

the site. one of my favorite is the two ifugao huts where a place of piece and
quiet is guaranteed. only at #pradofarms

how do we dine? for 750.00 you have an All organic buffet lunch. Vegetables are
farm-grown and freshly picked before cooking or serving whats in? green salad

with calamansi dressing, bagoong rice, sauteed kangkong, steamed kangkong,
pork asado, steamed alugbati, steamed kamote tops, tinapang bangus, squash
soup, and a fruit juice that taste like lemongrass.

Its Jenny's pamangkin(nephew) birthday last May 2. and she treated us today.
and we are all happy to have enjoyed another day at the farm. in unity with nature
and with a stomach full of fresh leafy  vegetables, fresh from Prado's farm.

till our next trip. this  is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.
see you next week in Gumaca.

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