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Sunday, April 30, 2017

mount purro camp explore daytrip

Thinking of spending our Sunday afternoon there to relax.
yes, its a long vacation because of the ASEAN summit, it feels like
lenten holiday, from Friday to Monday(labor day) reality comes
on May 2.
After our event at Kasa Boix Quiapo we were supposed to go
straight home, then we thought... lets go to the highlands!
and so our trip starts...

while having lunch, we were clueless of where to spend the afternoon
Jen  searched from Waze and the result returns:  Camp Explore.

So we went to a place situated in the foothills of the Sierra madre range, not
far from Manila, only a 2 hr sunday drive, we manage to take some

snapshots of the mountains and the rice paddies along the way, but
beware of incoming vehicles taking sharp turns.

you want to relax and forget the manila traffic and the ASEAN summit?
well this place is more than that. Mount Purro Nature Reserve is located
in Antipolo. By car, it took us around two hours. and we just followed Waze.
We had no problems at all.

if you dont want to drive, here are the jeep and tricycle fares:
Jeepney (Cubao to Cogeo), 60 minutes – Php 25.00
Jeepney (Cogeo to Veterans), 30 minutes – Php 25.00
3cycle (Veterans to Welcome Pt, Brgy. Kalawis), 15 minutes – Php 80.00
3cycle (Welcome Point to the site), 15 minutes – Php 60.00
a total of 190 (one way) its still much practical to drive your 2nd hand
automobile as gas would cost you only around 300 and probably 150 for
newer vehicles.

Here, you can absolutely have a weekend of calm, this place, also known as
CAMP EXPLORE is a place where you can eat, pray and love your partner.
guaranteed. ey, not only for lovers, you can also bring your barkadas here.

The place is ideal for team building, you can do nothing but relax. why? there is
no place for your gadget period..Sorry, no phone signal no WIFI. nothing.
because. its a place to go if you want to escape work or communicating with

the outside world for a little while because there are no distractions here. two
words: SILENT.  RELAXING. Oh, did I tell you that bamboo huts are

Every cottage has enough space for the whole family, a bunch of friends or just
the two of you. There are lots of green grass, you can lay down a yoga mat,
tell stories, chitchat with family members, or just have fun with friends. the outdoor
infinity pool will give you sa view of mount purro.

I particularly liked the idea of being surrounded by a huge diversity of
trees and plants, I love plants and they are everywhere! even cactus!
there are lots of nice secret places for you to explore together or when
you are alone thinking of what you did wrong while moving on. one of the
reason why this can be considered as one of the best kept secret of Antipolo

Commune with nature, take a dip in the warm infinity pool or work up a sweat
with their rope courses or hiking trails. They have sprawling camp grounds

where you can host your next teambuilding as it offers spacious conference
venues and charming accommodations.

If you’re not too privacy conscious and you’re on a budget, your Php 350.00 can
give you  a cozy bed, a shared bath, and 1 toilet in Camp Explore’s Pavilion Dorm

here are more pics of  what you can see inside:

I can't wait to go back here again but this time, I am hoping to bring donna
with me its going to be our 1st yr this may 18.
Its one of the best summer camps that I've visited so far. a Great place to experience
nature only a few hours away from Manila!

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.
heres their address by the way:
CAMP EXPLORE,  Purok 5, Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City, Philippines
0998 561 2815

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