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Sunday, April 2, 2017

caudiciforms a cactus seminar

this morning I went to the Gancayco Hall to attend the monthly CCSPI meeting
and seminar.this time its a talk about Caudiciforms, a very interesting topic.

I enjoyed the speakers’ presentations and learned many new things. I am still 
a novice, really, so I always learn something worthwhile when I get to rub 
shoulders with the experts.
I have documented 90% of the activity just click on each video to view it
here are some of the pictures I took.

there are tables for exhibit, for contest, a mini caudiciform show, and a table for
sellers. I got 2 cute pots and a ceramic cactus garden display

there is a unique bingo game and a  family feud style games, everyone enjoyed and
at the same time learned.  there is a talk about dormancy period , a talk and demo
about pollination which is very informative.

videos summary:

and here are the final parts of the videos

Now I am all inspired to redo my cactus garden, which needs a little 
updating and spiffing up  anyway. 
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. 

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