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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AHP pampanga tour

Last Saturday I joined the AHP Pampanga heritage tour of Ancestral Houses of the
Philippines group. A long day of exploring different tourist spots and attractions in 
Sta Ana it started with a short ride via the super Nissan urvan of Roy Vincent Santiago 
which just took a quick 1 hour trip via NLEX even if we are late the ride was still 
smooth and with the summer heat soaring you cant go wrong with an urvan! 
Steeped in history and blessed with natural and man-made scenery, this town offers 
several sightseeing options for travellers, has always enjoyed the title, 
“Culinary Center of the Philippines, so for last Saturday's weekened the LOVERBOY
goes with fellow history and ancestral house lovers for another episode of time travel, 
come and join me, as I visit Pampanga for the 3rd time. 
Our itinerary for the day was pretty simple. we meet at a 19th century  baroque
church called San Luis Gonzaga Parish Church, visit 2 ancestral houses have lunch 
together another church , then off to San Rafael and Norzagaray we go before 
calling it a day.(picture credits: Jenny See)
This is our first stop.everyone met up here for registration, around 4 
Grandias and a few private SUVs from AHP members. very affordable 
joining fee: only 350.00 per head.
this Baroque church looks tough, rough, heavy from the outside

for  our second stop, we went to this ancestral house (picture credits: Jenny See)
I was hoping we visit San Guillermo church the one affected by lahar,
I couldn’t imagine spending my weekend last Saturday as I took a break
from my work and decided to join part 3 of AHP's pampanga tour part 3,
I missed two parts of this tour, part 1 is in Minalin, Bacolor, Betis, Sta. 
Rita and Lubao. then Part 2, is in Mexico & San Fernando. 

picture credits Claro Viloria
then we had our group shot after visiting this house.
Pampanga is so big and we dont have the time to visit all of the towns.
oh, by the way in the town of San Simon theres a famous lady mechanic too 
named Tantin Legaspi Meneses probably the only one existing in the Philippines.
and you guys should meet her!
Pampanga’s food, heritage, and art, is world renowned it will surely satisfy
every tourist  hungry appetite for Philippine culture and tradition.
this is a province immersed in rich flavors both in cuisine & heritage landmarks.
here in this province, you know that food and faith come together here and 
is either centered in the kitchens or  places of worship, churches and heritage 
houses, show monuments of  this town's illustrious history. their Pinatubo lahar 
survival story, their artistry as I saw the wall to ceiling church interiors and its
known wood carving tradition.

 we stayed for a few minutes at the back of this church.

(picture credits: Jenny See)
Saint Anne Parish Church , Sta Ana 

this is another church 

we had lunch here.

 we went to this ancestral house afterwards, ill focus mainly on this house because not
everybody got the luck to go inside to take pictures, I forgot to take a shot of the
facade. sorry.
the dining room

 their version of washroom
 here are more pictures of their "furnitures"

 made of an old trunk
 this is I think a divider

 a look through a window
 one of their back doors
 this is a shot from their terrace

this is found inside the church
then we went to this church for our last stop. Saint Andrew Parish, Candaba
St. Andrew Parish Church Candaba

happy to have a selfie with Senior Tinio

After this we went Straight to Bulacan before we call it a day.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. till next tour, our next AHP tour is
to Lucena City next month April 29, 2017

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