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Thursday, March 2, 2017

visiting Cavite, my first ahp tour

photo credits: Tito Encarnacion

last Saturday, I invited my friend to join one of the monthly tours
of AHP (Advocates of Heritage Preservation) just 30 kilometers
south of Manila, its a day of rich history and culture, we went to
Cavite , the smallest province in CALABARZON but has one of
the biggest History stories to tell. if you go to Cavite, you can go
to a gourmet farm tour, a history walk , seeing / visiting heritage
houses or a day at the beach. this time we choose to visit old houses.

photo credits: Jonathan Hernandez

Cavite was a natural choice as the seat of the revolutionary government,
with its leadership dominated by sons of the province. CaviteƱos staged
several successful attacks against Spanish troops and significant battles
are commemorated in memorials and markers across the province.

photo credits Jenny See

photo credits Jenny See

we saw a few ancestral houses along the way

photo credits Jenny See

when I joined the AHP heritage tour, I know it would be so much fun
because its my first time and I know its a mini reunion between me and
all my heritage lover friends in social media. 

photo credits :Jonathan Hernandez
Located next to Aguinaldo Highway lies a 199 year old bridge that has a 
huge historical significance The Battle of Zapote Bridge was fought on
photo credits Jenny See

Febraury 16, 1897 between Americans and Filipinos I heard that its between
3k-5k american and filipinos, but I dont know how they got to count
the numnbers during battle. maybe estimates? and the Battle of Zapote River
photo credits Jenny See
was fought on June 13, 1899 as part of the Philippine Revolution. revolutionary
forces led by General Emilio Aguinaldo fought here. this is our first stop.
here is the video of maam Pheeya Salones
photo credits Jenny See

we were welcomed by the marching band, and a good breakfast treat
(Arroz Caldo and Puto Lansong )  thanks to mayor Lani Mercado and the
tourism department headed by Edwin Guinto.
this is a video of maam Annie Grace here, we are shown singing the national anthem

Our second stop was this church. a lot of historical significance embedded
in the walls of Saint Michael the Archangel Church of Bacoor.
walls at the side of the interiors of this church are filled with tombs
photo credits Jenny See

Spanish Colonial period priest, Fr. Mariano Gomez, served here for 48 yrs,
he was assigned to be the head priest of Bacoor.
the GOM of the GOMBURZA who is one of the 3 priest sentence to death
by Garrote on charges of a failed Cavite mutiny in February 17, 1872.

our second stop was the ancestral house turned mini museum and municipyo
at this point I noticed that all vans have yellow flaglets, aside from our friends
wearing AHP shirts this is to easily identify and recognize all those participants
in the tour.
 Baldomero Aguinaldo Shrine

we then visited the Gen Baldomero Aguinaldo Shrine, Binakayan Kawit Cavite.

build by the General's cousin during the American Colonial Period in 1906
the secretary of war during the first Phil. Republic. its cyan white color and 
a few details is appealing at the basement is the working area and a museum.
former Prime Minister Cesar E.A. Virata, donated the home to the government in 1982. 
and restored by the Intramuros Administration into a museum. 

here are pictures of what you can see inside this old house

the following pics are taken upstairs 2nd floor photo credits Jenny See

pic courtesy of Dennis Geronimo Maristany

there is a short multimedia presentation to members and a short talk with the Senior. 

old municipal hall indang

then when you go to the second floor you could see a good view of the kathedral 
ng Imus. so went to the other side crossing to the cathedral.

this is the church in IMUS(kathedral ng IMUS)

Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral of imus was established in 1616, The present 
church was constructed in 1823 using forced labor and the structure was made 

of stone and bricks patterned after the Manila Cathedral. the Battle of Alapan Marker 
can be seen in front of the cathedral.

a little picture taking and bonding with friends... 

then we went to the next ancestral house

thanks for the otap & binalot na kutsinta served in your ancestral house 
before we had lunch I got a chance to take a selfie with the famous

Chef and food expert Arlene Arguel Cejar. if you love food. u should meet her! then we had lunch.. where? at Malen’s Restaurant in magdiwang Hiway ! yummy!

and visited the arsenal

then we visited the next ancestral house

a creepy one. used for shooting horror movies. but is now owned by the church.

this is our last stop.a visit at Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine. The shrine was where the first 
president of the Philippine Republic, Aguinaldo was born on March 22, 1869. It also 
commemorates the independence of the Philippines, where the symbolic declaration of 
Philippine independence and formal waving of the flag was executed.

I love this AHP tour, its by promoting heritage tourism we help the local community realize 
the value of preserving our custom and heritage. I envy Bulacan ,Taal, Cavite, Pampanga
I envy Quezon, Vigan, I envy Manila, why? because Caloocan has no heritage houses
not one that I know of... yes, we have the 1900 pumping station, but no heritage
structures that I know of. 
photo credits: Jonathan Hernandez

The last time I visited this place was 2007 9 years ago, that's why I was so excited to 
re-visit this place again. It was amazing to think that you were walking through history 
that changed the Philippine Nation. the place where the First Independence of the Philippines 
was declared back in June 12, 1898. the place where Philippine Flag was raised and the 
National Anthem, sung.
this shrine is the Site of the Declaration of Philippine Independence in Kawit.
This historical site is managed by the National Historical Institute.
NO ENTRANCE FEE but it's closed on Mondays. here, you get to see memorabilia 
and personal items of former General, his residence, artifacts related to the Philippine 

exterior shot
On our trip to the Aguinaldo House we were led to see the secret passageways, hidden 
contraptions, symbolic ornamentation in the furniture and motif-filled walls and ceiling 
of the house created as a fitting shrine for independence
and interior of the house

People visiting cultural and historical resources are one of the largest, & fastest growing 
sectors of the Philippine tourism today. heritage tourism is growing much faster than 
all other forms of tourism.
thanks to AHP I was given a chance to tour these  places, meet new people.
and we know that Cavite offers cultural attractions such as old ancestral houses and centuries 
old churches aside from good food.
we didnt have the time to visit Andres Bonifacio Trial House, maybe in part 2 of the tour
I will have the chance to see the other ancestral house like the Punzalan, Riego de dios
and Vicente samosa ancestral houses and the pandayan where I could get to buy another
for my collection.
This tour provides a glimpse of an optimistic future ahead  with  regards to promoting heritage 
tourism in the Philippines and at the same time educating the youth on the values and advantages
of heritage preservation.

If you enjoyed movies like Heneral Luna and Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo then this is 
the tour you need to participate, and know more about the descendants of 
revolutionaries. and have a glimpse of life in the late 19th centuriry Philippines
join AHP now and participate and love heritage. love our country. Philippines my Philippines!
till next AHP tour... March 25.. as AHP goes to the Heritage houses of Pampanga

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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