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Monday, February 27, 2017

the love month carshow uccp

 UCCP CLUBFEST  project titled " THE ❤ MONTH "
In partnership with MVP KIA ARANETA bought us last
Friday Feb 24, another  successful  event -
a Grand EB and Auto show for a cause which happened.
Araneta Parking south the beneficiary is  LITRO Babies Phils Inc
or  LIver TRansplant Operation.

Naturaleza Spa and Wellness joined  for the first  time with
2 male models and 1 female model.
the Naturaleza Spa booth gave guest the sample massage to
interested visitors and gave a sample of the glowing, refreshed ,
and pampered treatment the spa is famous for.

There were around 70 or more cars on display comprised of
daily driven  cars, european cars, vans and pickups
I think it’s safe to say that everyone VERY much enjoyed the event
because of our pretty friends from BLACK NINJA and

found my friends when I go around , birthday celebrant Ayah
photo credits Namster Daguman

and my neighbor yeye (Almarie Limbre), the first model in the event
to wear a prom dress. and a sexy outfit in one event.(photo credits: Namster)

I didn't realize how big the event would actually be until I saw it. When I
arrived that evening, I was immediately blown away by the large and
efficiently run operation. There were cars as far as I could see and easy
to spot club members directing people and traffic, truly an awesome sight
to behold. another successful event!

I met some wonderful people at the show!
I saw models holding boxes for donation for the benefit of  LITRO babies.

there was a mini pageant  with Q& A portion for all models
Jacky Nanit won  model of the night. congrats Jackie!

I would like to thank each and every one of the attendants
last friday in support for our first time to join the event.

CONGRATS UCCP President Yuyu De Guzman for another
successful event

Ill be joining in the next event -Hatch wars.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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