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Monday, February 13, 2017

Banaue Rice Terraces experience

yesterday, after the Mobilo EB, we went straight to the
magic travel van of LAKAD PAMANA, with no sleep and with
no time to bring my travel bags, armed with nothing but
my passion for travel, we head up to the north...

I cant believe I missed the hot air balloon fiesta for this! but
soon, I found out that this day tour its all worth my time.
yes, day tour..
so for the lovers? want to treat your special significant other to a 
unique place and not the usual malls and classy restaurant?

with an estimated 9 hours of travel, passing by the provinces
of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya then to Ifugao. temperature? 
(+)(-) 9 degrees yes!! 

Accommodation is no problem, there are several inns in town 

we went to the People's Lodge, 500 overnight stay food is 180 per
head! yes, for the budget traveller in me!

in my Araling Panlipunan class a few decades ago, I learned that 
the Ifugao, formerly belonging to the old Mountain Province, 

became an independent province on June 18, 1966 ,name derives from 
the word “IPUGO.” Pugo means “hill” while the prefix “I” means “from.” 

The Spaniards changed "Ipugo" to "Ipugaw," then Americans change 
the name to Ifugao. 

they are built largely by hand, with hand tools and animal power. 
Located approximately 4000 ft above sea level and cover 3000 sq. 
miles mountainside? it receives water through an ancient irrigation 
system from the rain forests.

I was surprised there, we found a museum...

theres also a museum, The Kiangan Museum a two-story concrete building 
that stands on the historic Philippine Veterans Administration Office compound 
facing the War Memorial Shrine it showcase Ifugao artifacts with their ancient 

The shrine symbolizes the victory of the Allied Forces against the Japanese 
invasion forces during World War II. 
here is a video of whats inside the museum.
here are some videos :
here are some of the videos of the Terraces.

Farming the terraces has become less and less attractive to the new 
generation of Ifugao people. we know that Without the dedication 
of the Ifugao people, Their terraces and the ifugao people have a
symbiotic relationship...there would be no Banaue rice terraces.if not
for the ifugao..and Without the Banaue Rice Terraces, ifugao people
would cease to exist.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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