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Monday, February 20, 2017

my Tanay Rizal tour experience

Rizal is known for many things, one if for its natural attractions, and the other?
are the many highland resort and places to visit for that romantic date
away from the crowded traffic and the malls. its a weekend getaway for riders ,
carclubs, and for most city dwellers

For a place that is only 2 hours away from Caloocan,  Tanay offers a new
and different dimension away from City Traffic and the $#@!D#@ malls.
found at the southern tip of Sierra Madre Mountain, aside from mountains,
this town has hidden waterfalls, caves, and a river system  a favorite place to
go for people like me.

The Marikina-Infanta road cuts through the mountains of Rizal. expect
beautiful view along the way and no traffic congestion on NO Traffic

Today, I travalled to a retreat destination east of Manila on a
mountain-resort themed place called Ten Cents to Heaven. lots of open
spaces for team building activities.

 obstacle course for centipede walk, soldier crawl, bubble walk etc
The resort is located along the Marilaque highway in Tanay, which is the riders
favorite getaway for weekend road trips. I've heared of this place from my barkada
Anne, through a picture msg the night before, and I know I need   to visit this
mountainside greenery!

and I know this will be one of our choice(s) for a quick sunday breakfast this
coming summer! yes, it can be an alternative get away compared to Tagaytay.

Many guests can be seen dropping by for day tours. we saw a group of
photogs, with their clients for a prenup shoot.

You enjoy the ambiance and the view from here, dine at Resto Bar
called Camp Cafe, and freom inside the restaurant is a 360-degree view
of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges and Laguna de Bay. it doesn’t get
as crowded compared to some of the more popular pit stops for bikers.

You can  try the longest zipline in Luzon. just on the top deck of the Cafe,
This is the heart of the resort. First two levels are for dining while the 3rd
level is for zip line. this place can hold large team building groups,  outside is a
large activity area. Indeed perfect for company outings. the picnic area
with cabanas can hold a large group.

a fun to cross 150-meter long hanging bridge leads back to the zipline
beneath the 1.2 km long zip line zip line,  can be found the longest hanging suspension the east.a shorter kiddie zip line that’s more suitable and child friendly is
also available

The multi-purpose hall is situated at the highest point of the resort. a scenic
spot from here. perfect for major events and car club other gathering. a
view of Sierra Madre with a magnificent view of the lake on the other side
and when it rains? expect cold 16deg weather.

Its quiet , highland view of the lush green forest is perfect for a peaceful retreat
with your partner!

part of  a 60-feet high wall where you can do rock climbing, rappelling or free fall.
then you can do wall climbing, then there is a firing range for target practice.

this place is huge, with different selection of places to hang around, or just
enjoy the view.

there is a recreational hall, with open air view deck cabanas for you to relax
during the day. or stay overnight, you can see family rooms, dorms, including night
cabanas, are available. there is also a pavilion and chapel.

after this, we went to Pililia wind mill farm that is an hour away
from the resort. but thats another story to tell.

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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  1. very nice....I am glad that you enjoyed your experience in my hometown...there are more to see and I'm sure you will be impressed......nice town, nice people.....(and I am not being biased)