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Sunday, April 2, 2017

a day at Villa Elma

yesterday morning I woke up early again because Saturday is always nature 
appreciation day  for me. we went out early and met up at QC City hall, to visit 
the town of Mayor Oli Dator, this town aside from the famous Pahiyas Festival 
and popular local longanisa. this town is a place where you can visit to see the 
wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. here theres one nature park located in
private 10 hectare land  A.Mabini, Lucban Quezon.

this is a place where you can visit to see the wonders that Mother Nature has to
offer. now, Enter a magical land, a getaway home,  your private retreat,  the cozy,

safe haven, named Villa Elma,  Beautiful, Elegant and Exquisite, a piece of heaven
on earth, so pleasurable to enter and offers an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction to
return back.

Villa Elma is an enchanting beauty with its picturesque display of peaceful religious
and romantic delights, with beautifully tended amenities. you never get tired to keep
walking. The most popular spectacle is the ravine and cliff as to which the main

building is built around. other attraction is the hanging bridges with the majestic view
of mother nature. where you can feel the warm & welcoming ambiance as well as
the deep sense of serenity,  peace and privacy.
oh, did I tell u that it looks like  an outdoor museum with the mountains and trees 
surrounding it?  There are lots of religious ornaments, antique furniture, paintings, 
sculptures, and a lot of giant statue. 
in a 10hectare land, theres so many things to do!picnic,  tour the pilgrimage site.
theres more down the mountain, if you can have the will to get back up from 
this is a pilgrimage site/museum/bed and breakfast rolled into one. it has this 
sanctuary ambiance to it . your place to pray, meditate and just quietly enjoy the 
beauty of Nature. either for day tour or an overnight stay. an air of mystery 
surrounds you in Villa Elma. 

Feel the warmth and glimpse the natural color of traditional log cabins 
wherein structure, texture and materials are combined to make a perfect 

here are some more pics

So if you have the chance go and visit this place in Lucban maybe just maybe you 
may find what you are looking for in life. 
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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