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Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Procession 2017

One thing I miss about living near the church the way you really feel part of the
community's Lenten activities.

Take the traditional "Pabasa ng Pasyon", for ex.  When I used to live in Grace Park
a few houses away from Grace church, there was no forgetting that Holy Week was
upon us, because the "Pabasa" almost literally became the soundtrack of the days
leading up to Good Friday.

Whatever your doing inside the house during those days, (2 decades ago)your
background music was inevitably a familiar chanting of the "Pasyon." these past few
years howeve I don't even get to hear a single chanting of the "Pasyon."  and its
almost 11pm Friday. In that sense, I really get to feel we're so "out of it" in terms
of the traditional community activities. and just maybe the millennials living in my
neighborhood dont think it is cool to sing the pasyon, rather its more "IN" to chant
rap music or participate in fliptop battles?

One notable event during this season is the grand procession of  life-size images
of the life and passion of Christ, including persons significant to His life. carried
by a carroza, and beautifully decorated with flowers which are dramatically lit,
these images are dressed magnificently and accented with remarkable accessories.
and in the province, these religious images are owned and maintained by prominent
families of the town. however, its different, its owned by one Church.  Saint Peter
and John Parish in Potrero.


Good Friday processions like any other religious processions are found in almost
every form of Christian and Catholic worship, such as Holy Week processions.
paraded all over town after sunset. The solemn rite on Good Friday called
Lenten Procession, is held 30 minutes before sundown. a perfect example of
a traditional Filipino prusisyon where you’ll hear nothing but voices praying the
holy rosary and solemn songs in between.

In most catholic provinces, the carrozas has an approximate of  114+ carrozas
here in our neighborhood, there are less than 6, sad to say. the tradition is not
so popular with millennials.

here is the video of the actual procession. yes its less than 5 minutes.
this is only a short blog, of what happened today, till here.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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