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Thursday, April 7, 2016

a day at MIAS 2016

Its summer and its carshow season again, last week I attended the carshow at
SM Val. sometimes there are so much carshow related events in one day that
its just imposible to attend every event unless you have a superbike.
this week is MIAS week and its not to be missed.

[MIAS vid 1]  [MIAS vid 2]
I get to attend MIAS with Almarie, a friend and neighbor who is also a model.

now this week its time for MIAS.
Worldbex Services constructed air-conditioned connecting linkways
joining the four independent building structures. With two compounds and
four buildings in one big show, WTC in Pasay. now,  its very convinient
specially  in this type of summer weatherto ensure a seamless
exhibit experience that will allow visitors to hop from one building to another
without having to go outdoors.
opening day photo by: Fung Yu

Its a long holiday weekend, yes, Ill be out for a LAKAD PAMANA vacation
after this, the organizers knows this and are expecting another great year as
prospective buyers, enthusiast,  get to choose their dream car on this
one-stop-shop venue MIAS has always been known for.

some tips from a day one MIAS visitor
1. bring powerbanks, there are lots of cars to snap and click.
2. make lots of friends, you will need it when its lunchtime. the area where the
food  is is way way too far away, and you would not be happy to eat standing
3. use your phone navigation wisely as traffic is forever
4. bring a friend, dont travel alone. you wont be happy with the traffic and the
5. do not attempt to park inside WTC area, you will just be dissapointed. others
arrive a few hours  earlier than you.
6. a tip: Either you go early, before 930am, or you go when the sun is about to set.
at 5:30pm. you can go around the exhibit area and finish in less than an hour.
unless you want to mingle with all the models of each booth.
Photo by: Fung Yu

once again showcase the latest and newest car models available in the local market.
Aside from this, other highlights of the event include highly customized and classic
cars of several genres, the latest aftermarket accessories and equipment in the auto
Photo by: Fung Yu

I would estimate that over 70 companies from the automotive and motorcycle and
the aftermarket industry joined the show.saw friends there, lots of familiar faces.

Theres the new  Hyundai Veloster Turbo GDi, Jeep
Unlimited Sport, Chevrolet Sail sedan, Sportage from Kia, Peugeot 308 GTI,
Subaru Forester and the Tata Super Ace van.

photo by: FUNG YU

The new generation compact car of Land rover's bnew Discovery sport, and
Jaguar's new XE sedan and also from Mercedez Benz, the Subaru crossover
concept car called VIZIV2 has great style with modern interior, also has a
plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

One of the continuing attractions of the MIAS is the stunt performance of UK’s
precision driver Russ Swift, to perform using high performance Subaru models.
ticket price is 100.00

Visit the Manila International Auto Show from April 7 to 10, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
daily (until  Sunday) at the World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Training Center.

wait wait wait!
no photo ops with the carshow babes? I forgot. I'm with a carshow model remember?

see you in the next event -the 2016 TransportShow
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

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