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Saturday, April 23, 2016

HIN 5 2016

Hot Import Nights or HIN for short, came back to Metrotent  this year,
It was a long show starting at 2pm all the way until 11pm, with a party at
the end of it for those who entered their vehicles and for the people who bought
special VIP and VVIP passes.

Its April again, and the 3rd week of April always means going to the hottest
international car show series the HOT IMPORT NIGHTS now on its 5th year.

today I visited Metrotent with my neighbor famous carshow model Almarie to
witness how the yearly much awaited summer carshow event has evolved.
this is HOT IMPORT NIGHTS 5!!!
And your LOVERBOY is here to cover it. I just wonder who will be this
year's MISS HIN5?

Hot Import Nights (HIN) is an auto show featuring compact and tuner
import cars. The show originated in California and has been hosted in
various major cities throughout .

In addition to vehicles, Hot Import Nights events typically feature promotional
models. they promote the products of individual companies be it magazines
aftermarket products, carwash detailing , auto body painting services through
booths, or modeling for a carclub, a car entry showcasing a product. they also
participate in fashion shows, and dance on stage with a DJ playing the music

Hot Import Nights shows combine a nightclub-like atmosphere with "tuner"
competitions. HIN also highlights the growing subculture of compact car owners,
representing both domestic and imported vehicles.

Taking pictures using a cam phone from 5pm to about 10pm really takes a toll
on you at the end of the day but it’s worth it just to get that shot you want.
Not much to say about the show, so I’ll let the video do all the talking.

my comment on HIN 5? its a great auto show, with a lot of pretty friendly models
great security, organized inside. the only complain I will share is the open parking
area, while you can appreciate an assortment of modified cars that looked good...
the parking attendants (guards) are the worst ever! they allow triple parking, our
car was at the middle and we have to wait for 4 hours for the car to move out!
then another car parked as we were on our way to get to our parking slot damn!
then we have to wait another 40 mins for that!

til here, I have to hurry will be going to Norzagaray for another adventure
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out!

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