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Saturday, April 30, 2016

fusion on wheels Gymkhana Car and motorbike show

I looked around and prepared myself for the week ahead. a busy week indeed for car
fans, people who love tuning, carshows, and yes, models.
With an assortment of flashy vehicles, killer sound systems, and yes. carclubs car
meet and carshow models. like a catwalk for cars. Bright lights flicker against the
new detailed automobiles.

Today, April 30, at Megatent, Libis .....

Some of the most popular attraction aside from the beautiful and lovely models
is definitely the gymkhana tracks, where attendees can get an a closeup view and
witness how the drivers are having fun and in this test track, you can see how some
of the more adventurous  vehicles are made for more thrills than highway driving..
here is the VIDEO.

As we say farewell to the hot summer nights of April , and we anxiously await
the coming of the merry month of May and the numberous carshows it will bring...
Here are some of my  top picks from a blurry cam phone – unfiltered and unedited.

this is fusion on wheels. bought to you by Kelly Galang.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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