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Sunday, January 29, 2017

my Taal Batangas trip

Imagine leaving the crowded malls, the market of monumento circle, and
watching missUniverse then allowing yourself to travel back in time to
something like 300 years ago.After a very short land travel.

This week is a busy week for me, after attending one carshow last thursday,
to two days of celebrating Chinese new yr and today, off to Taal we go.

upon entering Taal, you would notice its not just Balisongs and the grand
view  of the crater lake...rows and rows of heritage structures, century
old houses can be seen well preserved..

The grand mansions are a testament to the glorious historic past of the
once richest town in Batangas. I can see a few heritage houses that are
 being  transformed to bed and breakfast, of TMG, 711.

 today, I am not lucky to visit any ancestral houses thats on my list..
like the agoncillo mansion, now called the white house, villa tortuga,
and I didnt get the chance to buy any balisong as souvenir.
this is said to be Asia's largest church and it was not very difficult to see.

The church was built in 1575, rebuilt in 1642, destroyed by the eruption
 of Taal Volcano in 1754, relocated and rebuilt in its present location in

1755, then destroyed by an earthquake in 1849. The Basilica that is
standing now was built in 1856 (completed in 1878)
its other name is Basilica of St. Martin de Tours.

Taal Basilica, the largest catholic place of worship in Asia.

And the shrine  of  Our Lady of Caysasay, a charming church with an
interesting wishing well  at the rear section, a few steps up a hill thru the
San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps.

finally, go to the wishing well and sprinkle/pour yourself with the water believed to be miraculous

more videos of the old houses
here are some more pictures of Taal and its old houses.

casa real

Taal is a most interesting destination, this is my first trip and I know that
its not the last, I will be making some more.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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