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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WALKWITHCHAN:Special Chinese new yr tour

yes, the LOVERBOY is a pure Chinese.
this Chinese New Year 2017 falls on Saturday, January 28th, 2017,
with new yrs eve on a friday.(January 27 – February 2, 2017)

While we are on topic, there will be a walking tour by Lawrence Chan
this coming Saturday, Jan 28..

Date: Jan 28, 2017
Assemble at Plaza Santa Cruz fountain area before 7am
Time: 6:45 to 7:10am
Fee: 1900.00
on the spot payment rate is 2200.00

In this tour, there will be a lot of walking, I mean, a lot. so prepare
to wear comfortable outfit.  activities include, being able to see:

1.) Meet up Santa Cruz fountain and church 
2.) walk to Ongpin street
3.) Lai Lai Hotel (breakfast)
4.) walk to Ongpin Estero (have a taste of exotic food) 
5.) walk to Sabino Padilla street(Gandara)
6.) walk to Benavidez street
7.) walk to Teodora Alonso street  & Arranque Market (Pets) 
8.) Chinese Taoist temple visit and consultation
9.)  Lucky Chinatown Mall 

10.) Hotel Ramada (lunch buffet )
11.) see Panciteria Macanista de Buen Gusto 
12.) Consultation with Feng Shui expert 
13.) see the Juan Luna house 
14.) walk to Santo Cristo street
15.) Snack (have a taste of trad. Chinese amoy dish) 
16.) go inside a Traditional Chinese Grocery
17.) Shopping at Chinese Deli
18.) walk to Carvajal Street market 
19.) Yuchengco street 
20.) late afternoon meal ( another Chinese restaurant)
21.) walk to Juan Luna street 
22.) firecracker display and awarding of certificate of attendance by Ralph Soriano.

Chinese New Year 2017 begins with a year of the Rooster. read that
its  a bad year for Chinese born in the year "Roosters": people born
in a Rooster year. but not to worry... believe in yourself and not in

The standard public holiday for (Mainland) Chinese is the 7 days from
Chinese New Year's Eve to day 6 of the lunar calendar new year
(January 27 – February 2, 2017).

Now, Rooster years:…1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 
2017, 2029… If you were born in a year listed above, you're a Rooster.
this year is believed to be the most unlucky year for Roosters. but.. I
don't believe in this. we are the masters of our own destiny. these traditions
are made by Chinese to be believed and passed on to generations.

in Chinese countries(Singapore, China, HK, Taiwan) Chinese celebrate
the new year because its a way of remembering the lucky last year &
wishing for a prosperous new year. Celebrations include having annual
reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, setting firecrackers, giving hong pao
to children, the most common is  sending Chinese New Year greetings,
to each other , in Chinatown Binondo, the most common is watching
the dragon and lion dancing while witnessing the setting of

In Taiwan Traditionally the end of the Spring Festival which is the
Chinese  New Year holiday,  is called the Lantern Festival, on
people can see Beautiful lanterns are displayed and sweet rice
dumpling soup is eaten in conclusion, if you want a more
colorful celebration, go to Taiwan, or China.

but since we are living in Manila, we follow the traditions of
Filipino-Chinese, and how we celebrate in not only in Manila,
Chinatown, but also in other parts of like Cubao, Robinson's

in Chinatown, its already a tradition that one will join at least
one of the many  Chinese new year Walking tours offered by
known tour guides, two of the popular ones are my friends
Rence and Ivan.

Ralpn Soriano, the president and founder of
Binondo Fireworks and Firecrackers Lover Association
with its mission to  preserve and continue the use of fireworks in
celebration, like fiesta, anniversary, funerals, weddings, debuts,  inauguration,
for tourism, & promotion on fireworks safety.

Now how did the Chinese tradition of lighting a fireworks came about every new yr?
theres a story that goes like this:
Every Spring, during New Years Eve, nián would come out to 
eat villagers, destroy their homes and farms. ... Today, lighting 
firecrackers is a major custom performed to scare off evil spirits 
and celebrate the coming of the New Year. Interestingly, nián, 
the name of the monster is also the word for year in Chinese.  

for this yr, Walk with Chan, in partnership with Ralph's
Binondo Fireworks and Firecraker Lovers Association,
Allan Martinez photography and Disenio Gorme bring you the 4th installment
of the very popular Chinese New year Food and walking tour which is held
every year early at Binondo. Meeting place will be at 6am.
so... take note again.... because its only 2 days to go...
THE FOUNTAIN at Plaza Santa Cruz, credits to JOHN TEWELL for this image

Date: Jan 28, 2017
Assemble at Plaza Santa Cruz fountain area before 7am
Time: 6:45 to 7:10am

The tour is inclusive of : tour guide, snacks, buffet breakfast &
lunch, merienda, hand-outs, t-shirts  & certificate of attendance.
be ready and I repeat get ready to enjoy the food and go home with
a full as in FULL stomach!

This will be a whole day of walking tour around historical districts of Santa Cruz
(the foods and delicacies, shopping), Binondo  & the old houses of San Nicolas.
you will be lucky if you get to seen the century old houses, or get upstairs
inside Ralph's ancestral house.

see you on Saturday. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out
bye for now.

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