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Friday, January 20, 2017

minasa festival 2017

A few days ago , I was informed by my friend, walk with Chan founder, Lawrence 
that there will be an occular inspection in the town of Baliwag, so I immediately signed in
I know this will be another day of experience and learning. a new set of
friends, and new knowledge learned this is my bustos Minasa story.

In the early morning yesterday I met NissanUrvan Club member Gian at 711
then we met up with Lawrence & food / travel blogger Vance Madrid at 
Mcdonals trinoma, and then off we go. its a working weekday, so a few
bloggers attended, we were then joined by  photograher blogger Gerry Suva 
and Mister D at Bustos. 
while my other Heritage lover friends went to AHP'S underground cemetery in
Nagcarlan., we were at Bustos to watch Minasa festival...
our first stop, was the town of Bustos, yesterday, Jan 20 is their Minasa Festival.
so the group decided that this is our frist stop over.
Bustos - a quiet town of mainly residential and commercial areas where you 
can see a number old houses, and a few establishments  with adaptive reuse.

yesterday, this town, comes alive, with grade school students showcasing their
talents, in a parade of colors, and dances they call the Minasa Festival.

The Festival is capped by a street dancing parade and competition, where local 
students and residents join in carefully choreographed and executed dance 
routines showcased around the town in colorful and traditionally inspired dress.
I had the "luck" to get a good position just in front of the parade away from 
the crowds, sad to say, I dont own an SLR and I dont have my Starmobile
phone with me.

the MINASA street dance competitions was held. Participants from Elementary &
High School divisions started the parade at around 730 am you can hear the Minasa

song all over the town. MINASA... MINASA... MINASA,..Vance, can you memorize it?
The weather was good, perfect time for a romantic date, only if I can bring a non blogger
companion with me hahahaha!  I captured some of the  festivities of Minasa.. I hope the
pictures won't bored you... because they are moving shots and am no photographer.

 People came out of their houses and waited in the street as all participants was 
dancing with full energy, even if some kids look like they missed a good night sleep
and their make up is about to get covered with sweat....

I've learned that during the 60s the only Minasa is only made at one place. located 
in poblacion particularly kalye mercado and santo nino. and they also made barquilos. 

I have visited Bustos for the first time last yr, Feb 14, this is my second time.
but this is my first time to see and experience Minasa Festival.
The parade ends at the Bustos town Municipal where all participants and
Bustosenyos were waiting to see all the performance. we had our breakfast just
in one of the carinderias outside the town municipal. thanks for the treat sir Suva.


After some pasalubong shopping we went directly to Baliwag to meet up with our friends and fellow bloggers and thats on a separate blog and another story to tell.  BALIWAG TOUR.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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