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Monday, January 23, 2017

my antipolo trip : what to do in Antipolo

In  1579, Franciscan missionaries Christianize the Dumagats natives in what is
now known as Antipolo. whose name originated from a Tipolo tree which are

very abundant back in those days. at that time, the virgin forest of Antipolo
covered most of its mountain ranges with various tropical trees and wild life.
many springs supports several waterfalls, the most popular of which is the
Hinulugan Taktak. it was declared a national historical shrine under republic Act 6964

Aside from the antipolo cathedral, the hinilugang taktak falls is the 2nd most visited
place in the east. Other tourist sites are Mystical Cave, Pinto Art Museum, and
Luljetta Hanging Springs. also you can  hangout at Cloud 9 and
Sierra Madre Hotel 30kms away from Antipolo.

I've heared the the term hinilugang taktak 35 yrs ago, during my childhood days
and this is my first time to visit.

To my surprise entrance is free for this nature park
then  food / drinks are allowed but dont touch nature, do not litter.

I've already written  a story about the PINTO ART MUSEUM in Antipolo,
this time me and my friends went back again. to explore other places we
failed to check out because time flies so fast then.

One of the most famous attractions east of Metro Manila, located in the hills of
San Isidro, Antipolo City. 30 minutes away from Ortigas is the CASA SANTA
its located at Jardin de Miramar.

a big venue place for events, more than 2 hectares of lot with trees and plants,
it can be considered as one of the biggest, all it lacks is a zoo and a fish pond
and One of the attraction is the collection of over a thousand Christmas themes
with santa clause from all over the world.

here you could see and count all the Santa Claus themed items and motifs from
all over the world.  a joyous sight for kids at heart to see even after christmas
you could still here Christmas songs, and santa claus lives forever in this museum.

you missed this last christmas? dont worry, its open to the public Christmas or not.
for a P180 pesos for the entrance fee but 3 yrs old and below is free.

Other attractions in this big garden aside from the Christmas Santa museum are
shown in the pictures below.

 Tours (minimum of 5pax) as follows:
All-access tour – P300.00
Sylvana Tree Maze tour
Campo Siete tour
Galera tour
Casa Santa museum tour
Campo Siete tour – P200.00
Sylvana tree maze tour
Campo Siete tour
Case Santa Museum tour – P180 (5pax minimum)
Casa Santa museum tour
Galera tour – P180
Kiddie Boot Camp with trainer/guide (Minimum of 35pax)
Sylvana Jamboree All-access trip (Whole day) – P300.00/head
Sylvana Tree Maze
Amazing trails
Campo Siete
Palarong pinoy,
Casa Santa
Campo Siete Boot Camp (Half day) – P200/head
Sylvana Tree Maze
Campo Siete
Palarong pinoy,
Case Santa Museum tour (Half day) (Casa Santa and Galera only) – P180
Casa Santa tour
Palarong pinoy

The Field trips and tours is available upon reservation. This may be done by calling
584-3199, 697-4077, texting 0917-8912208 or emailing the Jardin de Miramar at

On Feb 4-5, from 2 p.m.-8 p.m., Jardin de Miramar will be holding
 “Destinations 5 REAL Wedding Experience Bridal Fair.” Choose from the list
of good quality weddings suppliers who will shell out their best offers for all
attendees of this fair.

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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