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Sunday, November 9, 2014

ancestral heritage houses in San Nicolas

Today, We talk Ancestral houses in San Nicolas. one of the sixteen areas in 
Manila located at the west central part of the capital, on the northern bank of 
Pasig River.
bloggers note: full of pictures, i appologize in advance 

This community has kept its 19th-century ancestral houses, well, around 20% of it, intact.
which symbolizes the wealthy lives of the people who used to live there just like the 
ancestral houses of Vigan City.

Join me, as I share what I saw through the lens of a crappy camera phone.
the Starmobile D1

at around 4pm after El Hogar, I was lucky to join a walking tour of Ancestral houses 
in Binondo, San Nicholas with friends, and our friend, Bahay na bato researcher
Maria Cecilia Sunico gave us a glimpse of old Binondo and how houses looks like 
during the Spanish Philippines era. 

I walked with friends Arthur Garcia,  Chito Reambonanza (Memories of Old Manila) 
Panoramic photographer -Fung Yu  and bahay na bato reseacher Maria Cecilia Sunico
and enjoyed every minute of a very informative walking tour no Philippine history class 
in  the Philippines can compare.

the house of  Capt. Hi lario Sunico (Kapitan Tiago), one of the Characters in Rizal's NOLI

here is one historical marker, we were told that a historical marker would
cost 100k to be installed. 

only 100k to have it installed.

this is another Sunico house. this , most probably is the one found in 
 # 3 corner of calle Lara and calle Madrid, a block away from calle Jaboneros, 
where the foundries of Sunico and other metal workers stood. 
why is there no historical marker ? well it cost 100k and the owner of the
 house must be the one to buy the maker before having it installed.


another Sunico Ancestral house
this is the Sunico Ancestral house, located in Jaboneros St., the house is now 
a junk shop. most probably owned by Hilario Sunico a renowned 19th century 
bell-caster, metal smith and the Gobernadorcillo of China Town this foundry 
on # 20 calle Jaboneros, San Nicolas, Manila. is dated round 1865.
Hilario Sunico was born in 1848 and died in 1918 as written on a bronze bust of 
his image that was used as marker for his grave in La Loma.
this is the Fundicion de Hilario Sunico


The foundry casted 176 churchbells all over the country. The foundry is 
the base of the renowned 19th century bellcaster 
Hilario Chanuangco- Sunico (1848 - 1918).
here are more pictures I would like to share. seen at the front main doors

original 1870s stone brick

gov gen. Blanco used to visit here.

next we went to this Old Iglesia ni Kristo

and a foundry located near Camba St.

this house is for rent.7334204

a closer look of this house
beyond the barb wires, take a look of the detail of this glass window.

in those days, the address were engraved unto the stone used to build the  house
this house is for rent, to be demolished or rebuilt according to the new tenants taste.

this can be found in Madrid cor Lara St.

I will let the photos speak from this point on. as I dont know what the houses re called 
and who the owners are. Lawrence, I need your help here, better include these houses
in  your  next Walk with Chan food trip tour.

another old house build somewhere in the 188x

this is for rent, but can be built, customized to your taste. if you are the tennant.

this is another one that can be found in San Nicholas , Panceteria Macanista de buen gusto

During the Spanish era, it is located somewhere in Plaza Cervantes in Binondo, Manila. 
is built as a noodle house during the Spanish colonial period. 

Four Spanish era Chinese restaurants survived up to the present-day, and one of them is 
the one referred to as the "Panciteria Macanista de Buen Gusto" (picture above)  

1. Panciteria de San Jacinto (Quezon Avenue near West Ave, Quezon City) 
2. Panciteria Lido (Ortigas Avenue, San Juan) 
3. Ma Mon Luk (Quezon Avenue near Banawe, Quezon City) 
4. Masuki (Benavidez St., Manila)

well, thats about all I can share. I probably photograpped around 70% of spanish
era ancestral  houses, as presented and narrated by our friend Maam Sunico.
if you have more in mind, pls comment and share.

am not a photographer nor a historian, I narrate whatever I learned from the 
various tours I joined just this yr, 2014. thanks to my friend Lawrence, Philip 
and John, I got into blogging what I thought is worth writing. like this experience!

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Ko, signing out.

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  1. I enjoyed the tour. Added knowledge and very informative. Thank you