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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

8th Manila Auto Salon 2014

Last Sunday Nov 23, Off-road projects and souped up, modified cars showcase
the various customization talents of Filipino tuning companies at the SMX.
with more than  150 entries at SMX , the MAS2014 proves itself once again that
filipino car modifiers and tuners are part of the booming customized car business.

With the 8th installation of the popular Manila Auto Salon, Modified, souped up cars
and trucks once again grace the halls of SMX, MOA,  the Manila Auto Salon
started last 20th of November, 2014 until the 23rd.

I went there on a sunday, (last day) with my friends, sibblings Keren, Jemai
and Archie. the event brings together an array  of souped up coupes, sports cars,
modified tricked out ordinary sedans and off course my favorite, the 4x4 off roader
trucks all under one big convention.

Car enthusiast with their entries have the right to modify then Get Mad about styling
& tuning.

Classic and performance Toyota cars like the 3 AE86 notchbacks. Toyota 86 also
a  GT-R and a Lexus IS 350 F Sport are seen in the halls of the show.

Giant Off-road vehicles can be seen almost everywhere , everyday little utility vehicles
like the multicab are created with passion, and converted to mud playing, rockcrawling
trail machines 199 ORH present their off-road project trucks. the BT-50, Ford Ranger,
modified Zuki jimny and Hilux.  the once very ordinary pick up trucks we see on traffic
and delivery or the common family SUVs that are parked on the malls, daily driven on
the road are all ready to traverse any rough terrain nature can throw and at a good pace.

you can also see a 2door modified drifting pickup, a modified track ready scooby STI
with a modified cosworth engine, suspension and upgraded brake systems and track
ready tires, an A31 track ready cefiro converted to look like a skyline, an
SL 55- AMG, with adjustable air suspension with a 20-inch CS7 rims and 265/30/r20
Nitto (front) and 305/25/r20 (rear)

my favorite? its the Supercharger system from speedlabs, we have been told that it  will
add more power to every day EFI cars like the Elantra, Mirage G4, GM City and
GD Jazz, Altis and  the Lnacer EX.  its said that it requires less maintenance, bec less
components, here they are: aside from a supercharger, these are required:
an  intake manifold,  bypass valve, piping,  a bracket, an idle pulley, drive belt, 650cc
injectors,some hoses, clamps and a Unichip Fuel Computer manager for the entire system.

and whats a carshow without the carshow model friends around gracing the event?
WheninManila has compiled the list of 40 models for you to agree.

also the photographer friends taking great shots at the models
and the cars? we must admit that carshow models decides
the success or failure of carshows, as anime and cosplayers
decide the success of a toy and comic exhibit.

by the way, before I end this...
I would like to thank Aikka paint for the paint used in
my honda city.
this is  you LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.
next carshow? B2B! also at SMX. cya!

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