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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Special: NDE & OOBE

Before the Halloween season ends today, I'll  talk  about  OOBE and NDEs.
during the early days of (Bulletin Board systems) or BBSing, before proboard
forums exist, thers offline mail readers, and there are messaging threads,
one such thread is about the unknown and I have learned alot about two
things I fear the Out of body experiences and nightmares, "Bangungot " and
the  Near Death Experience.

The Near Death Experience  is a powerful argument for the existence of the afterlife.
As medical resuscitation techniques are being improved more and more people are
being brought back from the border of clinical death.

A number of them recount an intense profoundly meaningful experience in which
they seem to be alive & functioning outside their body. For many, a near death
experience is an extremely powerful emotional and spiritual experience.

The evidence for the NDE is consistent, overwhelming and esoteric - experienced
by the many.

This out-of-body occurrence is talked about most of the time as near death experience.
'Near death' being key words. Is it crazy to believe or even possible when one is not
dying or even sick that one could have out-of-body experience? This would be like
during the daily waking hours. Or is that evil at work? I've read that OOBE can be
done through meditation and breathing exercises.
Taoist and Tibetian monks can do that.
OOBE pics grabed from the internet

Near death experiences, the loss of a loved one, and other out-of-body occurrences
point toward the truth that we are meant to be born out of this world into a higher one,
even though this transition is often a traumatic one. The reality that our mind wants not
just particular truths, but the Truth Itself, indicates our orientation to God. We are
our bodies, rooted in this world, but we are more than our bodies. This mysterious
capacity within us the Church calls "the soul." And at the end of our earthly lives, the
soul is breathed out, not into non-being, but into the hands of God.

We are More than our bodies: we are born into a higher life and it is our wedding to
eternity. The heavenly nuptials await.

this ends the last part of my Halloween  special blogs. hope you enjoyed them.
this is your Loverboy DENNIS signing out

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