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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anzahl: The choice of winners

Im planning to have my daihatsu Feroza Repainted as a reward for all the years of
service as my delivery truck, as a weekened heritage tour vehicle, it can go to places
other cars cannot. it can bring adventure  only found in action films.all in one package!
Ive heared from TopGear that  Century Chemical Corp is having a contest for the most
shares and likes via Anzahl facebook page on Social media and the winning car will be
awarded a 25,000 paintjob hows that? should I join?

mechanics are easy: just send a pic of your car the one that needs a makeover by Anzahl
state your reason why do you need a new paint by Anzahl of course at the end with the hashtag  #ANZAHLIZED2.0 
and your IN. good luck in  gathering the most number of  shares and likes!
lets give it a try! sample: heres my entry:

Im a carnut for 25 yrs been driving different kinds of cars
eversince I went into the carexchange business. this is my first
Suv. there has been few daihatsu feroza in carshows, and Id like to be a show winner for the next carshow using Anzahl
copy paste this link

click this link and hit LIKE help me with this . hehe

Winner or not, I'd like to share my 25 yrs car loving hobby. because a the end
of the contest, everybody is a winner, by liking ANZAHL

For many of us painting cars and big bikes is a hobby. We are not looking to paint
or repair your old bumper, We are looking to do a custom paint job, (for bragging
rights, for carshows) something special something out of the ordinary.

Because of Carshows every month, events like carclub meets, G.Ts , EBs. make way
for a new stage in the automotive paint business - candy colored glass like shine.
This is a very small slice of the booming automotive paint business. And the automotive
paint business is a very small slice of the coatings business that said it is a very important
slice of the business, and for the car enthusiast in us, the most fun slice.
It's the last thing you do to a car, but it's the first thing people see. thats the magic!
The right paint color and design style will enhance an already cool vehicle, or make an
otherwise average one stand out.

The right Color.
The purpose of picking the right paint is to draw attention to the car.
When picking colors, think beyond what you've already seen on other cars, or what you
see in paint company palette samples.
Earth tones-coppers, golds, burnt oranges, browns, cinnamons, and deep reds, as well
as shades of green like colors,  always stands out.

Two-tone paint schemes have been growing in popularity, which makes picking the
right paint doubly difficult. Traditional combos of neutral and primary colors are always
safe, but not always the most interesting. Lately, silvers as well as oranges and coppers
have been popular colors in two-tone jobs. just remember, whatever shade you choose
the most important is the last part, the topcoat.

The right paint
The chemicals in Acrylic paint are strong thus spraying it on top of urethanes will
cause the urethane to bubble up and warp and its a bad paint job after a few hours.
find out what type of paint your vehicle's previous paint is.
if its aclyric or urethane. old cars OEM usually is aclyric, to be sure always use
Urethane paint.

The right Process
Find out what processes the shop undergoes when doing the repainting. 
some shops  don't bring down the engine, while some do. it would be best
if the shop is willing to bring down the engine. carshow entries usually show their
clean wire tucked engine bay.
Since I drive a 2 decade old suv, the paint shop should have to scrape the old 
paint, watch for rust, and repair if neccessary,  apply a new foundation, before painting
a few coats of Anzahl over it.  its a must for old cars should have this process.

The right Paint Shop
On painting, regardless of the paint brand you use, the painter's skills and know-how
like following the proper painting process will  matter A LOT. I've seen branded Urethane
jobs that don't look good because they did short cuts on the job and the painter is not
experienced. I've also seen acrylic jobs that look so good.  but on good, branded paint
shops. like Touch of Class, Autobot Autoworks,  and Hotwheels to name a few.

The right Decision
using Anzahl is practical since its durable compared to lacquer. Polyurethane paint is very
resilient to wear. Anzahl is available almost in every city and municipality, also most
painters I know have had experience with this.

after that show shine finish, Expect your car to be scratched and even bumped, nowadays
its better to be practical. other brands are expensive and harder to find compared to Anzahl.

this is your LOVERBOY DENNIS hoping to be  #ANZAHLIZED2.0.
Signing out

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