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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov 2: Tracing All souls day

did you enjoyed the Halloween week? How are the Costume parties and trick or
treating a few days ago? today marks the last day of  the Halloween season.

Some readings I have found on the internet about Nov. 2 and I quote

"Although there is some evidence for a Christian liturgical feast akin to our All Souls 
Day as early as the fourth century, the Church was slow to introduce such a festival 
because of the persistence, in Europe, of more ancient pagan rituals for the dead
When we discuss the Feast of All Souls, we look at a liturgical commemoration 
which pre-dated doctrinal formulation itself, since the Church often clarifies only that 
which is being undermined or threatened. The first clear documentation for this 
celebration comes from Isidore of Seville (d. 636; the last of the great Western 
Church Fathers) whose monastic rule includes a liturgy for all the dead on the day 
after Pentecost. [4] St. Odilo (962-1049 AD) was the abbot of Cluny in France 
who set the date for the liturgical commemoration of the departed faithful on 
November 2. "

Today, Nov 2, our All souls day happens to fall on a sunday, which is an unusual thing.
for Catholics, what does this mean in the catholic faith? Ritual Masses are forbidden
on All Souls Day. that means if you celebrate baptism, confirmation, anointing of the
sick, ordination, or a wedding you must use the readings and Mass prayers for All Souls.

Whats the difference between all saints day and All souls day?
Anybody here knows why are there more men saints than women saints in the calendar?
Ask Saint Ursula how many companions she had.

All Saints Day, celebrated by the Catholics on November 1, is set aside to honor church
members believed to have gone to heaven. All Souls Day, November 2, was created to
commemorate those who died baptized but without having confessed their sins, and thus
they are believed to reside in purgatory.  well, thats what Ive learned so far growing up.

All Souls Day follows All Saints, on this day we remember all those people we have loved who have died before us.

Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that intercessions (prayers) by earthly church members can cleanse these departed souls and prepare them for heaven.

I’m always intrigued by stories of souls from purgatory that have come back to appear
to various saintly nuns or privileged Catholics  to proclaim the need for  prayers or
Masses to get freed from purgatory.

My view is that if Purgatory did not exist, we should have to invent it.

Why do we speak of the "soul?" We do so because there is something in us that links
us to the eternal. Though the body fades away, the core of the person does not. And
therefore, we remain connected to those who have gone before us marked with the
sign of faith.

We should pray for them in the hopes that one day we might live in communion
with them. one major difference between Christians and Catholics is that
Catholics pray for the dead.

The Catholic Faith teaches a deep sense of their  connection to the dead. They are
present to us in memory of course, but also through their prayer, & loving concern.
it teaches catholics to pray for them in as much as they stand in need of purification
before being ready to share fully the divine life. This practice between us the living
and the holy souls is what catholics celebrate on All Souls Day.

The happiness or unhappiness of a person dear to me, (my grandparents and 2 uncles)
who has now crossed to the other shore, depends in part on whether I remember
or forget them; and thus, visiting the departed alone is enough.

this is your LOVERBOY DENNIS signing out.
Happy All souls day

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