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Monday, November 10, 2014

Philatelist night@philpost

If you follow my blog regularly you have probably noticed that, recently, I haven’t 
been blogging about Philately. well, because am sad of how Philippine Philately
has evolved, from the time my grandparents, parents, aunties, teachers are collecting
to the turn of the century , where most of  the young generations care about are
gadgets,  getting famous, early relationships, online pffporn, socialmedia, early 
Exesperience, and concerts.

The month of November was declared as the National Stamp Collecting Month by 
virtue of Presidential Proclamation 494 signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos.
since the first Collectors night held last yr at the same venue, its now a yearly event
for philatelist, dealers and enthusiasts.

Last night, Nov 11,  thanks to an invite by my friend Lawrence, I went alone
and met John , Rey Ong there,  its my first time to attend  the Collectors night 
held at the philpost lobby. it celebrates with stamp collectors in the 
2nd ever Stamp Collectors Night With Guestof  Honor  
Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares.
also present is Stamp Ambassador and media correspondent 
Mr. Willard Cheng.

this is in celebration of the National Stamp Collecting Month held every November.
PostOffice will release special stamps as part of this Month's  activities.

there is a dying hobby of  mailing postcards, greeting cards, letters through the
now traditional "snail" mail, along with this, the traditional PO boxes are rendered

the night focused on papal stamps issed from the Phil. and the Vatican
philately is also a dying hobby in our country. as kids and youngsters prefer to have
the latest gadgets their allowance can buy, or be an early single parent.
with the second Collectors night activity, Philpost decided that they should do this

Here are some of the photos from long time dealers, collectors and Hobbyist, of
course am the newbie here and they are my advisers.

pictures with my collector friends

with Philatelist postcard collector -Jonathan  Blaza, stmp dealer Isidro Tan, the well known
Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, philatelist, Mr. Bala, and Mr. Rod Decena
before the activity started at 610pm, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak explained to us how he compiled
his famous controversial, Php 7,000.00 Philippine version of  Scotts compiled in a 200+
page knowledge book , with action packed years of Extensive Research from books,
information gathered from his connections in Philpost.
the book is for researchers, historians, rich plilatelist the Doctor can ship it anywhere in the world for 200.00
Whats this book is all about? ERRORs. yes, human errors, printing errors, deliberate
or not. this book tells you. Errors on stamps , well, (back in those days) are more
frequent than we can imagine! its always surprising for me as I guess a stamp goes
through a big numbers of controls before being issued. But still, from time to time a
stamp is issued by a postal administration with an error on it..

and a big angry bird told me that.... uhmmm.. nevermind, pm me na lang!(worldpeace)

Php 7,000 or 7200.00 ship anywhere in the world

for the Rich Intellectual Philatelist  (RIP), if you can afford one, then by all means its
a good buy!  for a rich philatelist its no expensive coffee table book, for the budget
concious stamp hobbyist, however, well.... theres a bootleg version of this for half the

this 7,000.00 peso book, with 200 copies printed,  shows the history of stamps from
the first one til this yr. also it cited the errors, of Philippine Philately whether its human error
or  a deliberate printing error, its all documented and shown.
Ok, on with the activities, here we see the main post office lobby, same decoration and motif
with last year's collector's night. (which I failed to attend)
the main post office lobby has been turned into a conference room with foods and guest.

the mirienda for the night

preparation of the mirienda for guest

photo ops with media personalities Ms. Mariz Umali, with veteran philatelist, dealers, collectors.

we have a light mirienda-dinner before the guest of Honor arrived.

Speech by the President of Philpost

Speech by Gov. Josie Dela Cruz

Speech by Senator Grace Poe
After the Speech where the awarding ceremonies, I didnt cover the actual awarding. it can be found
on my friend John's blog. he went wih Rence closer to the camera- action.

with gov.  Josie Dela Cruz

the event/activity finished at around 8pm, with happy faces from old collector friends,
dealers, yes Isidro is all smiles. a friend left earlier because he dont feel right. all the while
I enjoyed the event, food is so-so... you wouldnt notice the food, we came there to
meet the pros, the oldies and the real collectors, to learn something from them.
to share stories, and smalltalks with fellow enthusiast. and of course, for photo ops and
autograph signing with the guest of honor.
Thank you Lawrence for the invite.

This is your LOVERBOY DENNIS signing out. till next yr.  11-11-14

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