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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bonifacio day in Monumento

this is actually a late post, since today is the first day of December, the countdown to
the 12 days of  Christmas,  this should be posted yesterday the 151st birthday born
(11.30.1863) of our Supremo and first President, Andres Bonifacio y de Castro.

some history:
the only existing photo taken on his wedding day

born in Nov. 30, 1863 Catalina De Castro (Bonifacio's mother) and Santiago
Bonifacio (Bonifacio's father) decided to name their son Andres to St. Andrew who is
celebrating his feast day the same date that Bonifacio was born.

here in the picture below, actor Robin Padilla is having a speech and promoting  his
movie as he stars in  the leading role for Andres Bonifacio.

since I live rather near Monumento Circle, in the morning there was a huge traffic jam
because motorist were all rerouted to potrero Malabon to avoid the crown and the
bonifacio day program at bonifacio monument.
here is another blog I found over the internet about Bonifacio in tagalog

this marker was erected by the fraternal order legionarios del trabajo  to let people
know in future generations that Bonifacio was buried on 04 26 1897.

by the way, Bonifacio was killed by Agapito Banzon and company on
04 23 1897 at 5pm. on April 26, 1906 Jose Turiano Santiago and friends created
a committee to raise funds to erect a monument to honor the Supremo.
a blog about the killing of Andres Bonifacio can be found here.
and another here: the death of the Katipunan Supremo

and in 1935, friends of Bonifacio  inagurated this Monument at Caloocan, the
center of commerce it was the grandest of all monuments in memory of the
1896 revolt.

By the way, for Bonifacio day, I thought of sharing some picture of  how Monumento
looks like before.  here are some facts.
these are not my pictures but images I saw from the net. the best resource of facts
regarding Bonifacio not found in obsolete school history books can be found on this
fb fan page called MEMORIES OF OLD MANILA which I joined this yr.

more information about Monumento can be found here.

an obelisk bearing 23 figures cast in bronze, atop an octagonal base with an 
eight-rayed sun; with a 45-foot tall pylon bearing the winged figure of Victory; covering 
an area of 200sqm at the time of its unveiling. (source :Memories of Old Manila)

On a light moment, ever wonder if fb were available during the revolution?
I got this from the internet from a blog of thepinoywarrior which pictured an
fb notification page during the revolution

so there you have it. facts about the Monumento circle, the life and death of Bonifacio
which are not told in your history books

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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