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Monday, December 1, 2014

is winning really everything? the Autoliker

Please forgive me for my rant. I recently blogged about a wonderful contest that
gives car enthusiast a chance to win a new washover this Christmas. this is a
great chance for everyone. once selected, you only need to get the most number
of likes, and celebrate using the likes you harvested. simple & fun.  if the LIKES
are really human clicks...........

my friend Veejay Del Rosario from a group which am a member of
called FEROZA-PH recently joined a contest wherein the winner  will
get a fresh coat of paint,- Sponsored. similar to the popular PIMPMYRIDE show
of mtv.  the rules of the contest is simple, get the most number of likes and
shares in 4 days and win 25,000 worth of  paint products , bragging rights
and a feature in their website. cool? yes sure is!

my friend is leading for the first few days, me and my friends campaigned for him,
you see, in this group, we are all family, we all go out of our way to help a friend
in whatever way we can. and we are having good progress! but late at night
in the last few hours into the contest, we lost not by a hundred likes, but by
3000 likes! however, we lead  in the number of genuine shares. and we have
1300+ genuine likes! no question about it, by the rules, Veejay is the winner.
in my book, he is my winner, with more than 1300 likes and more than 500 shares
but the judges decision is based  on the number of most likes , and he ranked third.

what happened here?
my answer.

now what is this ? An Auto Liker Is A Script That Gives User Automatic Like On 
Their Status, Pictures And Even On Fan Pages. Auto Liker Sites Use To Collect Data 
From Token Number And Then Use That Data To Generate Auto Likes.
a script is not human, not alive, and it is coded. not performed by mouseclicks.
but generated.

how does it work? 20 users get 10 likes, now if user #2 used that autoliker then
he will get  20 likes on any status he wanted to be liked.
automatically, this will will count to a huge number of likes overnight. yes! huge!
like 10,000 likes overnight.

Now the bad news, most online contest nowadays rely on facebook's like count ,
the most number of likes, Win it!  this is rather inaccurante. since votes
( from # of likes) there are like campaigns to gather the most number of human
clicks(likes), this way, the contest organizer will have a good exposure of its
product and / or services by having a good number of visitor's share, comment,
likes.  but the autolike robot script was invented. and this ruined it!

now why should you as a contestant refrain from using an autolike script?
because they (the programmers of the script) have  access to your account and
can do whatever they want with your account! and dang!! you dont even know
who or what status/photos they script code bot is liking?!? most are from users
of arabic countries, and heres another thing, hackers become easy! and they use
your profile to follow others! like an online network like marketing gone wild! and
did I tell you its against facebook terms?

I repeat! the user doesnt even know whose status they are liking, so unless the fb
account is a bogus account with bogus info, fake friend's list...
and autolikes are rampant in india, middle east.

Other disadvantage of these crazy autolike programs are:

A. you, the winner are ridiculously fooling yourself.

If you are using auto likes for your photo for example, and if you think you would
become prettier sexier or more attractive to other people’s eyes, or if for that you
feel you are like a celebrity, pity on you chick!

B. There are no real people, no fans, no subscribers and zero followers,
JUST VISUAL LIKES. fool yourself more!

the likes are unrealistically generated. Meaning no real person is clicking the like button
on your photos or pages, no real subscribers so no one will be updated to your next
updates. when you like a facebook fan page if the page owner posts something on their
wall, all who liked their page will see the post in their own facebook homepage, but with
auto likes, no one will. be the fool who made a fool out of thyself just for winning with
autolikes, and lastly the number of likes will diminish over time the genuine likes will be left.

I for myself witnessed a facebook contest winner used auto likes, and saw how
the number of likes increased overnight! to 3000 likes! I thought it was permanent but
as time goes by, the number of likes decreases and only the genuine likes were left.
this cheating. well, its fooling the judges and fooling yourself

C. These are not safe! Your account can be harmed or even banned.

A proof that your account will be manipulated by the creator of the auto like app or
website is that your account will automatically and continuously post something like the
image below on other people’s profile, and on groups or pages you are a member of,
and even send it as a private message to you anybody. And many might be unaware,
facebook punishes or bans accounts that are caught using such tricks.

So there you have it, I strongly discourage you in using auto likes or auto subscriber ploys.
Or else you will soon get your account ruined or get yourself labeled a hopeless loser

in the future, my advise is, for the contest organizer to base the winning entry on the
number  of shares (with caption) or user meaningful comments, than an autolike script
code/ program,  this will be much accurate and it will allow the page to have a much
better exposure.

before I end this rant, lets not use this autoliker  crap script to fool the contest organizers
and to fool ourselves, there is nothing we can gain on cheating.  and for the contest organizers
let us not base the winner on the number of likes he generated (illegally) via the autolike script
the best  criteria is the number of shares, sensible comments.  let this be an eye opener for
all of us.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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