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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rizal day

This is again the time of year for the Filipino Community to plan and make 
preparations  for our annual Rizal Day celebration, which will be held on  
Dec.30, 2017.  this day is a special day for us, for honoring our national hero,  
Aside from  commemorating the martyrdom of Rizal in Bagumbayan, it remind us 
that everyone can be a hero, because all our philippine heroes are not perfect, they 
live a normal eveyrday life, a colorful romantic lovelife, sometimes drunk, cheerful
and most of all I tell you, the romantic loverboy in his time.

we will celebrate the 121th death anniversary of Rizal on Dec 30, 2017. with this
Ill be writing and posting a few pictures I found on the internet and would share
this with you. because I know these are not shown in our HS or College textbooks
when we were studying.

As we remember the martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal on his 121st death anniversary,
may we emulate his greatness and aspire the heroes within ourselves to be the disciple
for the good of our beloved country.
Translation of Transcript of Rizal's Existing Baptismal Record (Baptismal Register 1829-1862).
Record Book of Dona Trining (Jose Rizal Sister)
Regular meeting among expatriates (L-R) Jose Rizal, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera and Juan Luna, and another man standing presumed to be a waiter.
A drinking party of still sober guests in a mock up scene (l-R) Rizal, standing with right arm trying to hit Antonio Luna, lying on his back and appeared drunk already while Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo , also drunk and barely could open his eyes and another friend trying to drink from a bottle
Filipino costume party L-R: Jose Rizal wearing a turban, Juan Luna's wife Paz Pardo de Tavera, Nelie Boustead with her mother seated, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and another Boustead sister.
Baptism of Andres de Luna son of Juan Luna and Paz Pardo de Tavera. at the Luna House in Paris (L-R) An unidentified friend, Jose Rizal, Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo, Nellie Boustead, Paz Pardo de Tavera, Juliana Gorrich de Tavera, mother-in-law of Juan Luna holding little Andres, and next to her is Nellie Boustead's mother.

Rizal's death march 
Rizal's skull

filipino masons, it was during the american period when the remains of Rizal
 were exhumed. through his sister narcisa who bribed and secretly burried her
brother's remains. when Rizal's body was thrown, with no casket, no burial, his
sister Narcissa bribed the cemetery guard and placed the small initials  spelled
backwards, R.P.J.Rizal also didnt receive the last sacrament before death.

The mortal remains of Dr.Jose Rizal placed in an urn.

Dona Teodora Alonzo the mother holding his skull

Tomb of Dr.Jose Rizal @ Paco Cemetery.The lady in the left was his mother Dona.Teodora Rizal.
Rizal's remains at the marble hall of ayuntamiento,prior to the final transfer to his monument...
To hide his grave further the vague initials RPJ on the marker was intentionally placed so as to deter snoopers from finding out his initial resting place. What a way to bury a hero!

the remains of the three martyrs: Gomburza (Gomez, Burgos and Zamora) were
also laid to rest in this place. A memorare that stands on the site of the burial was
revealed to commemorate the martyrdom of the three priests.
Shoes & hat Rizal wore to his execution which were recovered when his body was exhumed by his family from the Paco Cemetery in 1898. Before his execution, Rizal whispered to his sister, Narcisa, that he kept another note in his shoes. But since his body was buried without a coffin, the note was destroyed as his body decomposed

Rizal's honor guards were either members of the Knights of Rizal or even Free Masons themselves. As historians put it, there was an alleged,although undocumented, retraction by the hero just before his execution. His sister.Narcisa should be admired for having had the determination to find his brother who was interred secretly at the Paco cemetery. 

the Rizal Monument
The Motto Stella, too, was an understated, straightforward monument: Allegorical 
figures arranged around an obelisk, with the likeness of Rizal facing the sea. 
the tribute to Rizal would take four years to complete. Supervising the casting 
was  Rizal’s good  friend, the painter Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo, who was less 
than  pleased with the result. 
Today is the 118th death anniversary of Jose Rizal. This photo shows the clay 
model of the "Motto Stella," 

(Photo from the Alfonso T. Ongpin album, National Historical Commission of the Philippines)

Rizal family after burial

Romualdo De Jesus was also the one who made the urn of Jose Rizal where
 his bones were contained by his mother,Dona Teodora. He was the inspiration of Rizal in the Pilosopo Tasyo character of the Noli Me Tangere.

Below are two rare photos of Teodora Alonzo, taken months before her death
(1911). another photo was taken when she died.  
On the eve of Rizal's execution she wept in front of Gen.Polavieja to spare her 
son's life. Polavieja was bound by duty to execute Rizal so the mother's plea fell 
on deaf ears. It was the greatest blunder of the Spanish colonial government. 
And Poavieja would always be remembered as the greatest villain who executed 
the greatest Filipino hero. 
She should be a national heroine with a monument of her own. She is the 
greatest Filipina who ever lived. when she died, the rizal monument was already 
being constructed.

Rizal was not a political person. and an advocate of non violence. He believed 
that the pen is much more powerful than a sword. the friars fear him the most as 
his writings were a strong propaganda.  If he were alived during those era of our 
independence he could have very well be our first president.

Dr. Jose Rizal is now buried peacefully and serenely in Luneta Park. But beside 
his monument, there is a shadow that lingers. And as Dr. Jose Rizal faced death, 
there was a shadow that was cast. That shadow was Paciano.-fr. an english author

We commemorate Rizal Day today in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal who, on
 December 30, 1896, died a martyr at age 35 at Bagumbayan 
(now Rizal Park), and left a rich legacy that made him the Filipinos' 
national hero and worthy of study and emulation for generations. 

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. blogging resumes next year. 
Happy New yr. 


  1. Thanks for this throwback information about our national hero.
    Yes, 118th death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal tomorrow, Dec. 30. 2014

  2. The photos are very entertaining and your post is very informative. Thanks for sharing! ^^ Happy New Year :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! :)

  4. thanks friends for the comment, happy new yr

  5. This is a great way to commemorate Rizal. He's like one of the people I look up to. It's sad though that his monument would be disrespected that way. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  6. sharing this additional information from PDI

    A coffin and a hearse were ordered. On the day of the execution, the family stayed home, waiting in silence and in prayer, until it was over.

    To their disappointment and sorrow, they discovered that the body had been taken away from the Luneta shortly after the execution, with no one willing or able to say where it had been taken.

    A long search in suburban graveyards, including Paang Bundok, yielded no burials that day. Narcisa, Rizal’s sister, finally came, late that afternoon, to the old and unused Paco Cemetery. And there, from a distance and unnoticed, she saw Mayor Luengo and several army officers inspecting a grave.

    Narcisa was certain it contained her brother’s body. When the authorities left, she approached and found the freshly dug grave. It was unmarked. Requesting permission from the cemetery guard, she asked that a small, simple marble slab be placed on the grave.

    For close to two years, the grave remained in relative anonymity. But on Aug. 13, 1898, Spain lost the mock battle for Manila and Commodore George Dewey of the United States took command of the city.

    Narcisa lost no time. Four days later, she had the grave in Paco Cemetery dug. She found that her brother had been buried uncoffined, his clothes still recognizable. But his shoes had already disintegrated and whatever letter he said was inside was lost forever.

    Cleaned and placed on an ivory urn, Rizal’s remains stayed with the family in Narcisa’s house in Binondo. Only 14 years later, in 1912, were they interred in the base of the “Motto Stella.” By then, the parents of Rizal were dead.
    Credits to PDI on their 117th death year anniversary of Rizal