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Friday, October 17, 2014

outbreak Assault (Morato)

“ The Outbreak Manila Horde has left humanity’s existence in peril.  There are also people who tried to interfere and shape the battle to conform with their own agenda.  Humanity strikes back and gets armed with air soft rifles to give them a better chance at survival.  Be part of the fight for survival. “ -OUTBREAK ASSAULT

SEEN THE  outbreak video  ? enjoyed? yeah, me too. that is why I want to try it out myself.

The zombie event management group called Outbreak Manila has teamed up with, 
KultaCamo Systems and Team Redwing for a one of a kind zombie simulation experience 
called Outbreak Assault.
You plus 9 of your friends(or from one of the people registered) are put  on a tiny six floor 
abandoned creepy building siege of what once was the Center for Disease Control and 
Prevention Building (CDCP). Together with a military guide.  they will arm you with rifles and 
pistols on a mission to clear floor after floor of any flesh eaters.
for first timers, These are not the slow moaning and groaning type of zombies. they chase, and 
play with you.

first time Outbreak Manila organized a zombie shoot em up simulation similar to Valve's LEFT4DEAD franchise"

Outbreak Assault arms the human (Players) with air soft riffles to counter the undead Zombies.  Will humanity’s last stand matter or will the  zombie apocalypse run its course and eat you?? 

During the simulation,  The guns won’t be loaded but the effect would feel and recoil like 
the real thing.  You will also be lent a variety of Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns and 
Handguns.  Add the adrenaline of fighting the incoming horde and you’ll be drawn 
into the realism of this simulation. 
The life flags are gone but if you get zombified by direct interaction with the zombies.
Outbreak Assault, a Zombie Survival Simulation, is the first of its kind in the country. 
Survivors will get geared up and be sent on a mission up a 6-storey abandoned 
building to go head to head with the massive horde. are you ready?
am not. thats why I didnt get the "hardcore mode" wherein you and your group 
of 10 unexperienced airsoft gunners will be taken , eaten  by hordes of zombies
that knew the entire course of the dark 6 floor building, better than most of you.
at night, no lights, just your  flashlights.  Hardcore mode cost Php 2k. 500 peso more 
than the normal newbie entry fee of 1550. but this will be a true test of character, quick 
decision making.(and IQ). It will be your best zombie nightmare come true.

This morning I got an fb notification as a reminder from my friend John, reminding me 
of the  NO RUNNING and ALL SHOOTING event - Outbreak Assault. this time,
its not in BGC, not Intramuros or Enchanted Kingdom, but in a building in Morato 
called "THE OFFICE" creepy eh?all out war with the undead on a Saturday 2 weeks
before Haloween. and  we would have another cemetery tour this Oct 25. I thought 
the cemetery tour will be scarry. but I think this will top my list.

The event starts at 12:30. we are given a gatepass and a registration confirmation,
 you have to pay 1550.00 John used his creditcard so that I would have no reason but to
 go and help him kiss the chick zombies. so here goes. we will meet at SM hypermart and 
from there straight to "the Office" to shoot the zombies and kiss the lady undead.

I registered under John's name. as his bodyguard hehe

here are the pics I took when we arrived at the gate, we are greeted by military personel 
who told us that the former CDCP building is now gone. and is infected.

we arrived at 12:00pm, expecting a big crowd learned that but most  of them booked the 
hardcore 6pm shootout. by the way, 
Hosla Building , Morato

you are briefed by your guide before the action, to proceed to this building with all 
your might with 15 rounds and 1 bottle of water


you need to sign this first

MEDICS ARE ON STAND BY IN CASE, someone fainted for fear  of the undead

guys, what its like to be attacked by a horde of zombies from all directions? crazy!
you ran before in Outbreak BGC, intramuros, outbreak EK, this time.
you ran, and you fight.


we are  not allowed and not supposed to bring cp cameras, go-pros 
and other video apturing gadgets. at 1240pm we are briefed by our guides dressed in 
combat uniform. each player is given 15 rounds of ammo. if you use the  ranged weapon
 like ak47 it may fire around 4-5 shots per trigger fire, so expect to be out of ammo once
 you go to the 3rd floor on my way to the first wave of the horde my ak47 was jammed. 
without even firing a single shot ! the guide replaced it with a used handgun, with 8 round
 of ammo left , yes, 8.

our guide told us to be alert and to stay together, this is a war with the zombie, and 
although we know they are fake, you will just be carried away when they get near you
me and my friend John were assigned to be the "tail" to cover the advancing "survivors" 
ten on each group, consisting of 3 lover couples. after the 4th floor, 

here we are are, exchausted, John out of ammo,  and  me? well Im here covering 
John and making sure no zombie got near us.

The guns arent actually loaded with pellets by the way, its only a simulation, because putting 
a loaded airsoft gun in the hands of an untrained individual may hurt the human(actor).
at the end of the course, you will run of ammo, so we  tested the simulation with 
no ammunition and the experience proved to be fun!  No casualties, and the zombies 
are up close and personal with out the fear of getting shot up close. 
after a few more stairs which feels like   the end of our world,. because we dont have any 
ammo left.

luckily I deviced a plan for the group, to just Aim, but not fire! just Aim and look at the 
zombie in the eye you're tired they should be tired from all the play dead action too!
FOCUS watch your back. be sure  they dont circle you and surprise you if you thought
you already hit  them. they re-animate in 12 secs. and attack again, much aggressive the 
second time around. I was looking for zombie chicks, but there my efforts are overcomed 
by fear of getting eaten by the much bigger zombie ladies.

this is like a story line, (from the movie WALKING DEAD) the events happening is just from
a zombie apocalypse movie. Walking Dead where you must plan your way out use your
brains, agility and last resort, your bullets. don't use your ammo unless surrounded by the
running horde on all side and the attack goes just 1 feet away from you. if not, by all means
don't use it and save your ammo, specially if you are using a ranged weapon where a shot
from your trigger will fire 3-4 rounds at a time.
if you can just aim and  intimidate. please do so. don't use up all ammo.
how do you stop the attacking horde? you go up. to the top floor. mission end. then they
stop to congratulate you.

here are some MORE picture of the event

the first batch of zombie fighters

to Summarize, we survive the outbreak, we got passed the undead and we got out alive.
I got scratched though, but am alive.
so is my friend John,  Lawrence, Philip, Pie, Edwin, too bad you guys didnt tag along.
 maybe next time?

got the doggie tag which symbolizes SURVIVAL

yes, I survived the outbreak

you pose for a picture here if you survived the outbreak

picture taking with the guide

the final list of survivers

After a tiring 6 floor shoot and run, you will be rewarded with  a dogtag which symbolizes
you're alive. and ur a survivor

here is a similar experience this time from the Zombie Journals

THIS IS YOUR SURVIVING  LOVERBOY DENNIS inviting you to the next Outbreak
have fun, and advance hppy haloween


  1. See you later sir, lets shoot zombies together

  2. They will allow you to wear a GoPro camera.. I sent them an email inquiry and was their reply...

    "we will be requiring you to bring your own flashlights as those will be your best friends for the evening. Registration fee for this will be P2000 and you can check out the schedule here: You are also free to bring a GoPro camera for the duration of your experience. Cheers,Outbreak Manila Team"

    1. Maybe for the Php2k hardcore game, but for the 1220pm game, we are asked to keep our cameras, goPros as they are not allowed inside, thats what the militrary guys told us, and we are not allowed to take footages while inside "the office".(Maybe for the daytime game)