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Thursday, October 23, 2014

90s gem: the Galant rayban

Style and substance. A good design is one of a sedans main selling points
the 90s era is the time where a few aggresively good looking cars started
their phil debut.

here are some that tops my list.
1.  99 civic siR 2. hyundai coupe 3. mit eclipse 4. 96 acord 5.galant 6g
6. galant vr 7.  altima 8.corona Exsior 9 cefiro a31  10. civic eg

A Stock galant looks aggressively intimidating and packs power and respect in
one package(during those days) , I remember after sitting as a passenger of my
friend Manuel Jamera in his white v6 galant  driving along white plains.

If you ask most people what kind of Mitsubishi they would like you’ll
hear a lot of Evolution and Eclipse responses, and a few Galant VR4

but that’s neither here nor there. The reason you’ll only get a few Galant
responses its because only the hardcore Mitsu fan boys and rally geeks know
about them. This is not a turbocharged AWD rally special. This Galant is a
plain mid-sized car for the sporty daddy, a luxury then in the 90s.
its PH counterpart rivals Jap makes are: the cefiro, the corona exsior and
the accord.

Whats with mid-size sedans?
1. they are timeless.
2. they give their owners a vip treatment inside
3. power when you need it.
4. use it like an executive, not like a spoiled streetracer kid
5. respect. you dont have to accept every ricerboys streetdrag challenge.
after all, racing is for the racetrack, the circuit is for drivers. the streets
are for disciplined motorist, not for kids that wants to show their dad's 200hp
car and place other motorist in danger.

Personally, either 6g or 7g is good, but the 7g looks better. Both the 4g63
and 4g64 can be build N/A to run fast and both engines can be swapped into
either car. I have the chance to own a 6G and a 7G, but not having the luck
for an 8G.

7g has more suspension upgrades like tokico and kyb adjustable gas struts,
and eibach springs and camber kits and such. There's more after market
support for the motor in the 4g63, but that doesn't mean you can't build a
4g64 to be as fast.

use an after market throttle body for maximum air flow. 325cc injectors from
a used parted out 3000gt  and other mods should help add some HP.
install an s-afc and high compression pistons, its a big budget. but do-able.

here are the engine specs of the Galant

'89  to '93 = 6th gen galants - gti mpi  body
'94 to '97 = 7th gen galants - rayban (vr and super saloon) No orig vr4 were sold locally.
'98 to '03 = 8th gen galants - shark (vr, super saloon, gta) No orig vr4 were sold locally.

the 7g galant v6 dohc n/a could do 14s in the 1/4 run. but will destroy a couple of bell
housings as well becuase of the hard launches.

the orig 7g galant vr4 (twin turbo, awd and 4ws) could do low 12s in the 1/4 run
with the stock engine.  but dont do it regularly unless you are sponsored.

lesson: love your own car.
Your car is your investment, you have spent a whole lot of your monthly income for
making it as comfortable as possible, as road worthy as possible and invested a lot,
make it your daily driven car, not to be sleeping in the garage and wait for its natural death.
dont race your car, if you want to race, enroll at a racing school using a racecar. yes, your
car can be a track car, unless you have a deep pocket for maintenance parts  used during
racing (tires, brakepads, clutch) get a sponsor or be rich quick and finance your own racing
career. if its for the hobby and for the passion, enroll at a racing school, not using your car.

added reference: Mit. Galant suspension PDF
Galant service manuals
7g service manual (16mb)
this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out

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