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Sunday, October 12, 2014

pinoy honda city community

The SX8 City was Honda’s ‘economical car’ specially designed for the ASEAN market during the downturn of 1996/1997. debutted on Honda showrooms in Manila around 1996.  since the honda city became a hit to the working class professionals, many people started making it their first car. as owning honda accords were considered a luxury then, many of my friends in the buy and sell has the honda city
as their personal daily driven car, with fuel consumptions at an economical 15km/liter on average driving and 10km/liter spirited driving. 

I got the chance to own one before the turn of the century in 1999 from my first girl friend. during that time, no afermarket parts were available, and there were a few tuning shops I know of,  I met a few friends like FrB from Oliver Go from FusionR  and login to forums like {R-toyz of Bon). Ferman Lao of Speedworks Engineering owns and drives a City as a Rally car.

since I joined the (HCP) Honda Club of the Philippines back in 2002(during my days working at trendmicro), I became a forumer, reading reviews, articles and news about the first generation honda city that time the SX8 typeZ was out with vtec!
I became active with an HCP  subgroup (from the hcp forum board) for honda city SX8 owners, from there, I met a new friends , attended a few HCP GEBs , met even more friends with the same passion and hobby. -setting up and making our Honda City looked good. and drive much better. and after a few years got my membership as an officially member of HCP under Pres. Juno.

Manila has 3 subgroups of SX8 I know of. one of them is called SX8 Army.
and here are some pics of our activities :

to be drafted a cadet (newbie) must be recognized by the group and attend the weekly Friday Get togethers, (GT)  which are held every Friday 9pm at JTS Manukan in Ortigas Home Depot.

we have activities every now and then and a City SX8 lover  will definitely enjoy eing part of the group
from  having to discover the answers to your car related problems, to DIY sessions, to having to experience your first track lessons via Circuit Showdown to playing with fellow racing enthusiast during trackdays. by he way, Street Racing and RoadKill is  not encouraged. it will just endanger fellow motorist. carry the badge with pride. as you drive along the chaotic streets please fight the urge to step hard on  your gas pedal. why? because you carry the badge.
here are more pictures of our  members. 

register for free, you need to be verified before granted access

if you are a honda city owner, or loves the honda city (SX8) body, you can go to the
facebook page. sx8 forum:   url of the forum,   or viber group

more blogs about the sx8 city

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out. 

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