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Saturday, October 11, 2014

its BbbbBlogapalooza2014!

Yesterday me, and my good blogger friends, Lawrence, John, Philip got together
and met at Philpost lobby, attended a PHOTOWALK tour along escolta, intramuros
afterwhich we all agreed to drive our trusty lil red offroad truck called
tonkaJR (FEROZA) w/ the (V8 sound)  to attend this yrs event for Bloggers,
by entrepreneur. -the BLOGAPALOOZA 2014

This year, Lifestyle blog site WheninManila organized its third Blogapalooza
event the biggest so far (because its my first time, and havent attended any
blog event this yr to compare) business to bloggers networking event in Manila,
yesterday,  October 11, 2014, Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm at the Convention
Halls 1 and 2 of SM Aura in Taguig City. we arrived at almost 7pm a few minutes
(not hours) before some of the booths started packing at past 8pm.

the registration is easy, you tell them  your blog url and if its listed you'll be given an id and a lootbag, if not, you'll be a "+1" for a registered friend.

here, you meet friends, entrepreneurs from various sectors and you learn more from them.
you meet models, chicks too. mostly food and lifestyle bloggers are present.
for a first timer newbie like me, its fun! we haved fun. my friends enjoyed.
specially when we got home, and got a round and round tour of BGC , with the lil truck
and (the sound V8) haha!

There are some boots that gave helpful information about the products and services
which can help you and your business, like the grab a taxi and the Globe booth with
the pretty chick model but  there are some however that focus only on the freebies.
and some booth staff even go to other booth for more freebies and lootbag.

the One thing I observed is the magicword "LOOTBAG" ive seen people carrying
4 (four) lootbags of the same color (pink) with some (2 bags) black colored lootbag
and around  4 to 5 greenumbrellas. i was like whoah! I dont focus on having much
lootbag, are bloggers  supposed to focus on this? to make a good blog? writters need
to write what they observe even if it has to be a negative writeup.  not just blog for
lootbag. we blog about the service of that company, the products items they are selling,
the service, not the freebies inside the lootbag. social media writters/ bloggers should
return the favor by helping companies spread the positive/negative feedback  about
the product and service. not just the freebies but more on making good relationships
with these  products, companies and brands.

the event ended earlier than expected, some booths are preparing to go home
as early as 8pm., very few raffle prices , few food booths, just one booth offering
drinks(beer) which makes people thirsty and dry after the dancing to the tune of
ghostbusters for a freebie.

free taste Maki

free taste chips ahoy

booth of NIU

here are some of the pics I got

best booth for me? the yellowcab booth. you dont have to register, you dont have
to dance and you can take as much pizza slices in different flavors til closing time.

KRISPY KREME DO IT YOURSELF EAT IT YOURSELF : heres what to do to get your free Krispy Kreme donut: first step:fall in line, get your plain donut, add choco.

2nd step: after getting the plain krispy kreme donut, add ur choco dip

add flavoring, customize!

My 2nd place booth of choice,  for me, DIY krispy kreme, EIY after


second best booth is the krispy kreme booth, experience DIY and
EIY(eat it yourself) without having to register.

third booth?house of  Lasagna booth

bonus special mention to the sweet pretty young model I met in the globe booth.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out!

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