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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trapik audio - cool bikes

should I blog about the fu$#kin 2 hr Makati traffic? or the booming progress
of our nativeland's economy? because of the freakin traffic? imagine the
economic progress?

A 1:45mins from Makati to Rockwell? and our cars cant fly! is that progress?
or how about being stuck in a 2 hr makati traffic? bec of a flashflood
and a 40min torrential rainfall? and everyone is not driving a vehicle with
good water wading abilities? is that progress?

we cannot solve the traffic problem or the flood problem here unless
Manila has a big underground hole 15 storeys deep, by 5 kilometers wide,
equipped  with pumps. this mega construction marvel project will be followed
by other cities.and this will solve the flood problem. educating lazy settlers living
in shanties wont help. they dump garbage for their convinience. educating people
not to dump garbage onto the seas wont help. because they are lazy to put them in
designated bins. they are lazy. and if our government wanted progress. then start with
the flood problem, then deal with the traffic, then deal with the unlit with unfunctional
CCTV -NAIA. then deal with other problems one at a time.

Traffic problems wont be solved by eliminating old private vehicles! or a new odd even 
number coding against private vehicles which prohibit us from using EDSA ?
want progress? then bring back PNR!!! yes, bring it back! the containers should be 
transported via trains using railroad not with big trailer trucks

and why go against all motorist 'riding in tandem'? not all are bad guys , impose
 stricter laws and bring back death penalty! or change the law against minors commiting crime.

since our cars cant fly, and driving in traffic is a pain in the ass, then one solution is to
zip in  and out using  a cool motorcycle. modified. care off  TRAPIK AUDIO, this
is the real creator of BIKE FOR THE BIG BOYZ here in Caloocan. they are popular
in carhows as the only shop that creates customized modified bikes complete with audio video, modified  
fiberglass bodykits, (Yes, motorcycles with bodykits) that look like these:

and sound system in motorcycles that look like these

they are so good in doing woodworks and fiberglass that they can also do the same to our cars
this is what they did  to my galant's rear speaker.

here are some more pics of their works for my Galant
modified sidings if your sidings are like mine without a location for the stock speaker. 

tweeter pods housed my focal tweeters

so for those who wants to ride cool you can visit their FB page at
just pm  Marlon Pascual he can help you with your ideas.

this is your loverboy DENNIS Signing out

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