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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY car cleaning

Car care products like car body kits are essential products for cars, people should be
careful about their cars service and other requirements, it's important for a car's long life.

We all  want to own a car that looks aesthetically pleasing and clean
all the time. right? This is why we buy car wash products that will enhance and
preserve its appearance and prolong its life as well.

But what if the products you have chosen contains harmful chemicals that may
affect our health and those of our loved ones and our family members?
including our pets?

Enthusiast say, A beautiful car is a joy to behold; specially on car shows, parking lots,
but not at the cost of our health or the environment. there exist a list of the car wash
products in the US that  I believe should be avoided.... but wait... wait... I wont mention
the list because I have not  the slightest scientific proof of their claim. so to prevent
a cyber lawsuit in the future, they are innocent products until proven environmentally dirty.

I have tried 1 product in almost 2 decade of car ownership, I buy and sell cars for a living
that why I got the chance to be exposed to a number of cars with different year and make.
I drive and I can review second hand cars based on my experiences driving them for a week or
two. but so far, I only review and write about the cars I actually own and use. not the ones
in my garage that I'm selling.

Auto-Gard has been in the industry since the 90s, I worked as a carwash boy
during my early teens at  D. Aquino St. Caloocan  during that time there were no carcare
products, because most carwash has not been offering detailing services so they used
generic shampoo to maximize profit after I graduated from college, Auto-Gard has been
my choice since my first car(a mitsubishi),  my second car (a nissan) and the third a
one(honda) I've used in for nearly 2 decades because it provides protection that last,
even in hot summer weather, against permanent staining  of carpet, fabric and cream light
colored leather caused by accident spills, foods and drinks such as chocolate drink, soda,
coffee, and chocomilk.

It protects plastic items against cracking and splitting and discoloration of the leather 
and vinyl, caused by sunlight and extreme summer heat.
it has powerful cleaning agents with polymer additives to clean , shine and provide
protection to your car step and easily removes tar, grease smudges, streaks to reveal a
glossy shine. It is safe,fast and easy and quite simply the most effective way possible to
clean polish and protect your vehicles. 

The greenest way to wash your car is to run it through a car wash. if you are tired
from work wait till  you have Auto-Gard and I promise you, you will have a good
exercise  and wash your car at your garage, specially with the waterless car wash
product, spray, wipe!

if you could make a poll question if a car owner will wash their car themselves or at
the car wash? I know Do-it-yourself car wash will definitely save you more money
for gas expense, and for the next batch of Auto-Gard car care products.

If you want to give your car some Tender loving care at home and still show mama earth
some love, check out my eco-friendly car washing tips.

Many people prefer washing their cars at home, aren’t necessarily eco-friendly.
When you wash your car in your garage or driveway, dirty water from the wash, enters
Canals and drains intended only for rainwater. then polutants such as phosphate, grease,
and oil end up in our streams, lakes, and rivers. the average home car wash consumes
about 120 gals. of Maynilad water 2  times more than most commercial car washes in
your neighborhood.

So what should you do? use Auto-Gard theres a product called waterless spray

if you are lazy to wash yourcar youself, Commercial car washes are more eco-friendly
than your trusty hose, sponge, and soapy bucket. That’s because these establishments
are required by law to discharge dirty water into state-approved drainage facilities,
treat it, or reuse it. They’re also generally more water-efficient than using a hose on
your front lawn.

if you still prefer to wash your car yourself, here are a few eco-friendly tips:

1. Use only biodegradable, phosphate-free, water-based cleaners,
   Auto-Gard has this waterless carwash product you can actually try. it allow you
   to spray the formula onto the surface of your car and simply wipe the dirt and
   grime off.
2. Use less soap.
3. Use a water spray hose w/ flow restriction
4. Wash your car on gravel or grass
5. Empty your bucket into the toilet or sink bec its treated before it enters or waterways

If you want to up your green factor even more, look for an eco-friendly facility that uses
non-toxic products, recycles its water, and operates high-pressure washing systems
(which consume even less water than your average commercial car wash).

this is your loveboy DENNIS signing out


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