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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

VIP style cars

What is the origin of VIP Cars? they started from a Japan, a Japanese car club of four
cars, went by the name of Black Roach. All of them were painted matte- flat black, and
they were a Toyota Celsior, Toyota Crown, Nissan Cima, and Nissan President.
and were connected with the Japanese mafia, - the Yakuza, and shortly after some of the
gang members were styling their own luxury cars in this same manner.
Eventually another car club was formed, the VIP CLUB, and featured in a Magazine
which boosted their popularity throughout  Japan. Before they were called VIP cars
(pronounced as single word -"vip"), or Haiso cars, which means High-Society,
because they were taking expensive, luxurious cars and modifying them with very
expensive and exclusive parts.

VIP cars in Japan are powerful rear wheel drive luxury sedans produced by Nissan
and Toyota. The most common models used in VIP styling were the Toyota  Crown,
and the Nissan Fuga , Cima, and President . There are other various models though
as well. Many of these cars are only produced in Japan, later
the Lexus GS, LS, the  Q45, and Infiniti M , Benz  followed.

Here in the Philippines, particularly a large part of Quezon City lives a number of my friends
who owns and  drive not one but two VIP styled cars and SUV.
above are pics of VIP styled cars from my friends at the Philippine Cefiro Club.

here is a nice blog by a friend regarding VIP car (Bippu) scene in the Philippines.

Typically, VIP cars are lowered equipped coil-over suspension and (airsus)airbag
They are also defined by  'stance', which is incorporating how low your car is with the
size and offset of the wheels used. (which is dangerous for our roads) its used only
for carshows.

VIP cars usually have three-piece wheels, and are given an excessive amount
of negative camber. which is weirdly stupid if the car is driven and not parked at

there are a few parts available here in the philippines if you want to setup a VIP interior.
theres almost no imitation companies out there. Many of the parts are hard to find, and
very expensive when you can find them, and it is fairly common to find a VIP car
with more than Php250,000 put into it. This is almost necessary, because remember
that they were luxury cars to begin with. and a VIP style setup should be done in a
VIP car.

a few members own not one but 2 luxury VIP cars.

bought of my mid sized sedans in their stock form

Above is a small photo of one my personal cars. a Cefiro and a Galant,  bought the
 Cefiro from my friend Edwin Aquino, (with a rare VQ30DE motor with manual transmission )
 I don't have a whole lot done to it yet, but it is a slowly moving work-in-progress.

 my A32 cefiro is actually a jdm maxima 30j the only (VQ30DE) m/t in Manila.
(with 260kph topspeed odometer)

vip japan car convoy
Hope you like my short blog bout the history of VIP cars

this is loverboy DENNIS signing off.

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