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Saturday, April 4, 2015

the long holy week

Easter Sunday morning. What a peaceful, quiet time of reflection. or is it?
I hear people singing, observe people drinking, going to resorts, swimming, partying....

Holy Week is the celebrated during the week leading up to Easter. It begins on Palm
Sunday, continues on to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then finally, Easter Sunday.
this year is a long long weekend starting at April fools, until today.
"pabasa" Photo credits: Enzo Contreras

when I was younger, back in the 80s if its lent, we hear the "pabasa" and the "pasyon"
in every corner of our neighborhood, and on good friday, there would be no tv, no radio
and everyone is asleep at 8pm good friday. on black saturday minimal television programs
focusing on the bible, religious programs, indeed, we know its lent. fast track decades
after, holy week is not so holy nowadays, witht the availability of cable tv, internet
and even wifi on your car, LTE on your phone, and a bunch of summer promos,
youngsters dont feel the spirit of lent anymore.

Lent is also the time where the roads are free from traffic, aside from a Pacman match,
holy week is the time to enjoy driving and time to test your vehicle. just a reminder to
observe the proper speed limit.

Nowadays, just 2 decades after, Holy Week is the perfect time to spend time with
family. Encourage children to understand the significance of the Lenten Season.(through
passtimes like walking 25kms from Caloocan going to Grotto on Thursday night, or
walking to Quiapo or Anipolo Church, visiting  churches (Visita Iglesia)
in short, Holy Week is the time when a lot of Filipinos go out of town, to make the
 most of the holidays.
Photo credits: Ms. Rache Go
this year theres a new activity organized by the Heritage conservation Society
called "EDIWALK" which visits the old ancestral heritage houses along
San Nicholas and Jaboneros Streets, 50 people attended. unfortunately I missed
this one. I hope there is another event like this, and I wish that the communities and
current owners of old houses in Jaboneros and San Nicholas will cooperate with
my friends from the Heritage Conservation society to make the entire San Nicholas
Jaboneros the only Heritage district in Binondo.

Photo credits: Jericho Carillo

"EDIWALK" Photocredits: Ramil Cuerdo
participants of "EDIWEALK" taken in front of Maglunog & Campoz Ancestral House credits: Ralph Soriano

HCCP gone Furious- " Fast and Furious 7 Movie GT" - 1st MOVIE GT of the YEAR.

on Black Saturday I also missed another HCCP major event, called
"HCCP GONE FURIOUS" its a reunion between OMs and friends of my carclub
HCCP held Black Saturday in Alabang, watching FF7 at 7pm. yeah the tribute
movie to idol Paul Walker held at at The Commerce Center - Filinvest, Alabang.

its the " Fast and Furious 7 Movie GT" and the  1st MOVIE GT of the YEAR.
and as always we would see tuned and modified Honda City's parked as long and
as far as the eye can see. every HCCP event is a mini honda city carshow.

now the big question ... how many of you big boys almost cried?

the tradition on Easter is to remind us Christ has Risen, and for kids, as always Easter egg
and the easter bunny. why?

There has always been an air of mystery surrounding rabbits. They’re adorable
and wiggly, and seem to be the perfect combination of dog and cat. They can learn
tricks and play with you like dogs would, but they’re also independent and quiet
like cats Oh, I found out that the first story of a rabbit  hiding eggs in a garden was
published in 1680.

Easter takes place on a Sunday, after the forty day period called Lent.  referred to as
a time of fasting but not observed anymore.

and the Eggs ? they have been seen as ancient symbol of fertility, while springtime is
considered  to bring new life and rebirth. the Easter Bunny is on the minds of many

One has to wonder what the glamour and allure in being the Easter Bunny might be.
One of the draws may be unlimited quantities food the payoff is the pleasure of seeing
the smiles on children’s faces when they discover the colorful Easter eggs that have
been left for them. and the honor in upholding tradition,year after year.
by this time, motorist having out of town vacations are on their way back,

here are some suggestions to do on your way back.

GAS UP! half a gas tank before you start the drive back. You don’t know if you’ll be
stuck  in traffic in the middle of the trip so knowing you have more than enough fuel in
the tank and have peace of mind.

dont push it! if you think you cant stand the long driving 'stunt'. dont. ask someone
to do it for you or take turns, or have a good rest before going back.

DONT ATTEMPT RACING each other on the expressway, maintain a safe 
braking  distance  even if you know you have abs. or if you have a powerful boosted
ride, please, pls. think of other motorist's safety, dont try  to push it to the speed limit.
Real test of your driving skills is never done on the road, but on the tracks, not on a
superhighway with just a wide, straight line, real skills comes when  turning at
120kph. along with multiple competitors turning with you.
or, you can go to this year's  RWYB Reunion, scheduled on April 11, 2015 at the
Clark International Speedway (CIS).

watch out for stone throwing jerks, kids, teens along major expressways, SCTEX
NLEX, TPLEX, they are furious because the land they own was lost and never
given  compensation, so they get back at us, motorist. be careful, when they throw
stones, eggs,(not the easter egg) and any debris they can think of as to cause harm
and accident. and they are happy with it! some are even shot at sight.

 If the drive back was a particularly long one, then the engine was operating at its
peak  let it cool down faster after the trip, after you park it in your garage, allow the
engine generated heat to escape quicker.

thats about it, am sorry for writing such a long blog for this lenten season.
have a safe trip back home friends, and remember, to control the urge and have
a light pressure on your gas pedal.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

Happy Easter!
April 5, 2k15

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