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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not an april fools joke

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority refused to support the
“no-plate, no-travel policy” of LTO, yesterday holy Wednesday, April fools,
the vehicle regulator has started stopping motor vehicles having no valid plates.

last Nov 14 2013 the palace has appointed Land Transportation Office (LTO)
officer-in-charge Alfonso Tan (LTO ASEC), with this, we have the now famous
Only motorist and public transportation operators are affected with this.
friends, only LTO personels enforcers with proper uniform are allowed to apprehend you. (scanned image fr: Dan KawPeng)

Vehicle owners will have to surrender their current plates. The new ones will have to be
attached via LTO security locks and the use of license plate covers, frames  will be prohibited.
The new plates for cars and motorcycles are expected to cost some P450 and P120,
respectively, inclusive of the security locks. so if you own 10 cars, every car must have the
new plates or risk being penalized.

All commemorative plates that you see now are all illegal, since the last one had expired
last January.

Government plates, meanwhile, will sport red symbols on a white background, with the
name of the agency/office to be indicated. Diplomatic plates will carry blue symbols on a
white background, while Other Exempt Vehicles (OEV) will have black symbols on a light
blue background.

The new plates will bear three alphabetical and four numeric symbols for cars, two
alphabetical and five numeric symbols for motorcycles and eight numeric symbols for
diplomatic vehicles.

The alphanumeric symbols for private cars will be black on a white background, while
those for (PUVs) will be black on yellow with the authorized route also to be indicated.
Motorcycle plates will also be black on white, as will those for tricycles used for
personal purposes. Tricycles used as PUVs will use the black on yellow scheme.

However, owners of old plates will still retain the letters and numbers.

to my car enthusiast friends, here is some good news.
MMDA said it  was unconstitutional and un-christian because it is the right of every citizen
to own a motor vehicle and its holy week.
Apprehending violators of the “no plate-no travel policy” may pose a problem for the LTO
because its flying squad only has 30 members deputized to do the job.
it lacks the manpower - which the MMDA has. So in short, MMDA wont be enforcing the
NO REGISTRATION NO TRAVEL of LTO. well thats good news.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. Have a safe travel this lent.

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