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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


taken at Tai To Taoist temple Caloocan

I have been driving Nissan since 20 years ago, its my first time to own a 3.0 mid-sized
sedan one that has 3 liter, 24v and v6.  and at that time, VIP.
This June will be my first year to own and drive this car, I want to share a few things.
taken at National Museum picture credits: Yosefio

I happen to be a bit lucky to own one of the rarest trim released of the a32 Cefiro.
a few blogs (From the Philippines) about the  Nissan Cefiro 30J are out there. so I
decided to create one if you know someone who has a 3.0 manual cefiro pls let me
know. it comes with a stock 3.0 24v v6  VQ30DE 220hp inside an a32 body. can
easily do 100kph with the slightest pressure, manual transmission, fun to drive and
with a top speed of 260kph, it earns much respect in the superhighway.

the cefiro was produced in 1994-1999 and was released in the Philippines for sale
from 1995-2004. its one of my want list aside from the feroza and galant during my
college days.

other version of the Cefiro included an underpowered 2.0 liter matic, (155hp)and
a 2.5L (190hp) version(manual and matic).
theres  another a32 in Manila that has a vq35de in a brougham body.

this car fits 4 big sized adults comfortably and 5 normal adults comfortably. power
wise 2.5 is the most balanced. otherwise, just go for 3.0.(at that time a few yrs
back, if you  can buy a cefiro, fuel consumption is not a problem) a lot of minor mods
can be done to further transform the car into a comfort and much better sevice for
that much awaited long drive experience. like a supercharger and turbo.

i don't like is the turning radius and the length! harder to park in some car parks
but its such a sweet car to drive at high speeds! very stable.

for fuel consumption: my worst is 5km/liter city-highway,but it was a very fun drive,
best is  10km/lit, drive about 50/50 city/highway.

Maintenance wise, cheaper than toyota camry or the accord, come to think of it, i spent
more on enhancing the ride than i repair /maintain it.

The service costs are rather low Just normal wear & tear like tires, battery and underchasis
parts, so far Ive changed the fuel pump, clutch systems and one aircon o-ring, charged
 freon and cleaned the AC.(SANZEI BANAWE)

not to worry on the parts most of the 2.0 to 3.0 family can be used with each other
(and across models too!, just the same as HONDA)
 like A32 shares the same part number for the air filter with N16.

it's a good buy when you find one in a good condition, but then again, your luck may vary,
I Would get the same car if went back in time.

for cefiro owners:

References: Cefiro A32-A33 blog    CPR Project Car   VIP STYLE CAR
facebook group : Club cefiro Piliinas

taken at UP Rev UP Carshow pic by: JonJon Castro

for repairs:search for Rick Lim , Toby Mijares
Oh, by the way, there is one secret I want to  share, the VQ30DE engine cannot
be overhauled. if you happen to damage your headgasket, better buy another
second hand engine.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.


  1. Bro liked your review. Since you owned all models 2.0 2.5 n 3.0:
    1. Which is the most fuel economical?
    2. I currently just purchased a 2.0 but it is sliggish. Should i go for 2.5 or a 3.0?
    Tx. David Ng. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

    1. 1. 3.0 manual
      2. for for 3.0 if you can get a good deal engine.

  2. Very well said, proud cefiro owner here ����