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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

9th TAGCOM 2015

TAGCOM 2015 is a two day(s) event for all ages. They will have panels, many
vendors cosplayers, and much, much more. Come and support this shows 9th year.
I would remember that last year's TAGCOM  was our first attempt to join and its the
collectors first  time to see our booth named RETRO TOY COLLECTIONS.

It’s a small affair, but there are plenty of deals to be had.  There were a few more
vendors then there were last year, and about twice as many people in attendance.

I didn't want to get my hopes up just in case, but I know this year's event will be a

Just to remind you how awesome THE 9TH TAGCOM 2015 is check out some of
these pics from previous show last yr.

SM Megamall management will be implementing a new policy with regards to
the upcoming TAGCOM 2015 event on Saturday & Sunday for cosplayers.

it requires ALL COSPLAYERS to purchase tickets upon entry to the mall.
for anyone who will be bringing in any costume you will be required to buy tickets
and get stamped before entry. Ticket booths are being eyed to be stationed strategically
near entrances so for cosplayers , you need to purchase a 100.00 pesos entrance
if you're planning to cosplay / "costrip".
Marshalls will also be roaming around to check people if they did purchase tickets.
and if a cosplayer has no ticket, then the cosplayer will be asked to change into his/her
normal clothes.

In short, No Cos if you cant pay for Con. Cosplayers are present to support the
event and by paying 100.00 the management thinks that its the best way to give
support and participate at the same time controlling the crowd and the people inside the

I hope cosplayers will understand that events like these require the organizers to rent
one of the 3 halls of megatrade, Events usually get their profit from entrance tickets as
well as rentals and sponsors.  and also its the Mall's way of controlling the crowd
ticket price is 100.00 per day per person by the way.

the policy will also be for photographers who will come with full/heavy gears only
point and shoot and handhelds are allowed.(as not to block the hallways).

Cosplay Competition Guidelines:(COPIED FROM TAGCOM GROUP PAGE)
1. Registration begins at 10:00am and closes at 2:00pm, Sunday March 22, 2015 (SM Mega Trade Hall 3).
2. The participants must be in costume upon registration. To avoid inconvenience, it is encouraged that 
participants arrive at the venue in costume.
3. The participants must have the following upon registration:
a. Two (2) COPIES of a full body picture of the character.
b. Registration forms. The participant should fill-out a registration form provided at the event itself. It will be 
submitted upon registration together with the full body picture of the character.
4. The Cosplay Catwalk will be from 3pm-5pm. Individual cosplayers are given a maximum of  (1) minute 
stage time.. Failure to comply with the time limit will result to the disqualification of the cosplayer from 
the competition.
5. Cosplayers will be judged during the Cosplay Catwalk, from which the Best Male, Best Female & Best 
Child/Kid Cosplay will be chosen.
6. The winner of the Cosplay competition will be decided by the judges in terms of these criteria:
a. Characterization – the cosplayer’s resemblance to the reference character in terms of personality 
and behaviour.
b. Costume and Craftsmanship – resemblance of the costume to that of the reference character. Quality 
of the costume and visual appeal.
c. Overall Appeal- innovativeness, creativity, and audience appeal. This including the catwalk presentation 
for individual cosplayers.
Criteria Breakdown
Individual Cosplay:
Costume =35%
Overall Appeal=30%

Hope to see you at this year's show on Saturday - March 21 and Sunday
March 22 at Megatrade Hall 3 . I will be at RETRO TOYs BOOTH 31.
this yr's 9th TAGCOM 2015 is hosted by Otaku events.

and here are my staffs: Day 1  Keren Rose    Day 2    Eunice
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. Ill be at the ingress this coming Friday
see you on Saturday and Sunday!

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