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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Manila 70 years after. are we free?

The battle for the liberation of Manila—waged from February 3 to March 3, 1945,
( after three years of Imperial Japanese occupation) between Philippine and American
forces, and the Japanese forces is widely considered to be one of the  greatest tragedies
of the sad ending of WW2.

last Saturday Feb 28, 2015, I went to Intramuros to observe and attend the LED candle
lighting ceremony of  my friends from the Heritage Conservation SocietyYouth headed
by Stephen John Pamorada and John Ray Ramos in their project called
"Memorial 1945: Battle of Manila  70th Anniversary Walking Tour" we met at
the only Japanese Canon in Buluarte  De San Diego Gardens and walk with friends
Michael Charleston “Xiao” Briones Chua, Ivan Mandy and many to mention friends from
the Heritage Conservation group.

We met at the only known Japanese Canon in intramuros where we are gathered to
listen to a story of 7 decades ago, after which a walking and led candle offering was
offered to the unsung heroes and victims.
these LED candles were lent to us and we bought this to the memore area.

The recent exhibit at the Ayala Museum commemorated the sad tragedy that was
Liberation of Manila 70 years ago. and another event that happened was the
The 5th Manila Transitio 1945 last Mar. 1 was held at Fort Santiago, its an event to
commemorate the Manila that was and celebrate the Manila that will be. a walking
tour that is full of history lesson. This time, the walled city is different, the
Mabuhay Singers  bought the magic of Kundiman and heared around the old walls
of intramuros its part of the quality walking tour by Calos Celdran.
The next event, called #vivamanila "Intramuros Pasyal" street fair will be on March 22.

looking back 70 yrs ago, During the Battle of Manila, the liberation of Manila
More than a hundred thousand people perished. Architectural heritage was reduced to
rubble are we now free? after 70 years? No. were still a slave to poverty, and our rich,
historical  and heritage architecture is a slave to the rich tycoons who will buy the unused
property, and turn it into something "useful" for them, like building boring hi rises. their agents
are on the lookout for structures that have no NCAA marker, and to demolish  it overnight
if possible, or destroy them from inside heritage fighters like me are on the loosing side, since
we don't have that power  and influence to stop their money making project called development.
Let us not allow our heritage to perish in the name of progress.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. next week will be the first week of March
marking the start of the summer of 2015.

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