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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Today I talked about modified cars Well modified cars are great but ....
Poorly modified cars are not so great. modified cars may be more work
for the technician thats a given.

and what if you have a new car under warranty and wanted to  customize ?
Modded cars and warranty coverage has always been a touchy subject. It’s
like oil and water. It’s up to your warranty admin and Service Manager to say
 whether a repair gets covered or not. It’s their nuts on the line.  but if you want
to mod your new car, be prepared to kiss your warranty goodbye. and thats
the truth. well in tagalog we call this "tiis ganda". (thi-is ghanda)

Just recently I visited my friend Marlon and David of Trapik Audio and asked their
help again on how to do miracles for my old 20yr old daddy's car- my cefiro. they
did wonders on my City and Galant a year ago. and this time I want to see the
guys specially the one they call "kabayo" work wonders on my ride once more.

once your ride is in their garage there is particularly  no boring moment while waiting
for your ride to gets fixed. you see cute lil doggies always excited to see you visit.

refreshments is always being served. you meet several good people of different
occupation and lifestyles but with the same passion for car or bike audio and
related modification.

the folks and crews at TRAPIK AUDIO are a bunch of humble professional installers
who can do so much good things to your favorite car and you can definitely ride with
pride as people look at your car or bike when stuck in traffic.

if you want your car or bike to win in an auto show, come pay them a visit and give
 them time to plan for their magical show on the day you submitted your car as an entry.
for the next event. take a look at their facebook page and you will believe me.

till then, I gotta go back to my friends at TRAPIK AUDIO to discuss the next

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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